5 cleaning chores you only need to do once a year


Now this sounds like our kind of cleaning.

We all know that cleaning is a tedious job. It’s tiring, time-consuming and the space gets back dirty in no time. If you hate spending your weekends doing housework then listen up, because there are a few household chores that only requires your touch once a year.



If you feel like as soon as you finish vacuuming, dusting and mopping your house, you have to tackle it all over again, you’ll love this list. Everything presented on this list has to be completed annually. Yes, that means once you’ve ticked them off your list, you don’t have to peep the sight of it for another whole year.

1. Curtains, shades and drapes


Although you can’t see it clearly with your naked eyes, but curtains, drapes and shades still attract airborne dust and odor molecules, especially in our tropical weather. Hence, it should not be forgotten and cleaned once a year. However, do note that for curtains in the kitchen and bathroom, you would need to do it more often as oily residue and water droplets from hair stray and cosmetic products will be on it. Most curtains can be machine-washed, so that’s good news for the busy bees as you only need to chuck it into the machine and it will do the rest of the job.

To remove the dust from the fixed valances and shades, simply use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to go over all surfaces. Alternately, you can also opt for microfiber duster or cloth to wipe down each side of fixed or removable shades. While you’re at this, don’t forget to wipe your windows or sliding door as well.

2. Mattress


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Mattresses have improved dramatically over the years but they still require a bit of attention from you. It’s essential to get your mattress a thorough cleaning and repositioning at least once a year. Even if you use mattress cover religiously, mattresses still gather dust, dust mites and body soil. Therefore, do remove the cover and give it a wash in hot water.

As for the mattress, vacuum well on the top and sides of it. If you spot stains on them, use a mild detergent and scrub the area. Once that is done, let it dry thoroughly. To speed up the drying process, you can use a hair dryer set on low but avoid overheating. Now is also the time to flip the mattress over or at least rotate it so it wears evenly.

3. Kitchen cabinets, drawers and pantry


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This is probably one of the most tiring job to do but it doesn’t sound so bad since it only has to be done once a year. For most Malaysians that once a year is right before the festive season. This is the time when your mom will ask your help to remove all the items in the cabinets and drawers. While you’re at this, it’s also a great idea to get rid of mismatched pieces, items you never use and strange items that have found their way into the kitchen. Once you’ve cleared the cabinet, just wipe down the shelves and reline with shelf paper if needed.

4. Closet


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Most of us shop too much. We buy clothes that we hardly use and even worse, we purchase clothes that we will ‘soon’ wear when we lose that extra pounds. But here’s the thing. All these extra attires that we purchase is only crowding our closet. Hence, this is the best time to clean it and sort everything that’s in it. If you need to get rid of certain clothes, you can keep them aside so you can donate them later. Once you’ve cleared out all your clothes, do vacuum or wipe your closet before rearranging the clothes back in.

5. Lightbulbs


This applies particularly to those in the kitchen and bathroom as it can get dusty quickly and it’s incredible just how much light this cuts out. To clean it, just switch off, let them cool off, unscrew and wipe with a damp cloth.


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Written by Rubaa Shunmuganathan