5 brilliant methods to involve your family in decorating the house

Time to get some help from everyone at home

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One of the fun parts of decorating your house is interior designing. It gives you to the liberty to be creative and allows the inner child in you to shine. To make things more meaningful when decorating your house, why not get help from everyone at home? You might be surprised by how helpful your family members can be. They can assist you by giving creative ideas and help transform your ordinary home into a beautiful haven for all.

It’s not only a perfect family activity, but also strengthens the bond between family members. Here are five different ways to involve your family in decorating the house.

1. Solve the bedding first

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If you have little kids at home, you can get their opinion on the bedding sets that they want in their rooms. We know how kids would often want their rooms to be painted with bright colours like neon pink, yellow or orange. But as grown-ups, we know that painting the entire room with such colours might not be the best idea, especially in the long run. Therefore, it’s important to go bedding shopping first because it’s much easier to agree on the final wall colours by coordinating it with the bedding set that you’ve purchased in advance. Also, giving your kids the freedom to choose their bedding sets make them feel an important part of the family too.

2. Get creative with storage space

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Here’s another interesting way to get your family members involved in home décor. One way to do so is to get creative and create your own storage space – think DIY. If you want your little minions to help you solve the storage space in their rooms, try picking a corner of the room and get their help to arrange all their favourite toys at that spot. You can place shelves or boxes and get the kids to label them based on their creativity. This is fun way of getting messy (in a good way), so your children can add their personal touches to the room. For a more grown up room, try going outdoor and building your own shelves, or just rebuild one from scratch. There are plenty of DIY methods that can be found online to assist you.

3. Paint the furniture

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Think bed frame, cupboard and study table. These are some of the things you can get everyone in your family to help you paint, to give a rather personal and rustic look to the space. This is a fun Sunday activity to do as a family, and it’s a perfect way to bring everyone’s creative sides out.  Try searching on Pinterest for creative ways to decorate and paint furniture and be sure to have fun while doing this exciting activity together.

4. Picking the right furniture

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When it comes to interior designing, picking the right furniture crucial. If you pick furniture that complements your design, you will have a very elevated interior in your house. Before going furniture shopping, get your spouse or kids to measure the space. It’s extremely troublesome if you buy a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit your space. Additionally, everyone in your family can go and scout for that perfect furniture. It makes for a fun family day out.

5. Redesign the lamps

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Here’s another way to get your kids to be part of the decorating process. Lamps are good for decorating a room. Besides the usual LED lighting, try involving your kids by hanging fairy lights at their desired spots. One popular area is on the wall above their bedframe. This acts as a cool wall feature. Your children can write their names or draw their favourite patterns using fairy lights. It not only adds brightness to the room, but also a cosy feeling to the space.

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