5 common organising mistakes you shouldn’t make with small closet


Don’t worry, we got tips to keep even your tinniest closet neat and tidy

How many times have you opened your cupboard only to be greeted by piles of wrinkled clothes, dresses in the wrong hangers and pants chucked away in a hurry? Time for a confession – we’re all guilty of putting back clothes that we chose not to wear in its wrong place, with a promise to get back to it soon. But days turns to weeks and weeks turn to months, and after sometime, all we have is a completely disorganised closet.

We know how frustrating it is to want to wear a particular dress and only to realise that you can’t find it in the mess. But this is not the end of the world. It’s true that organising small closets, especially oddly-shaped ones, can be difficult to deal with but not impossible. All you have to do is to avoid some of these common pitfalls that most people make and we assure you will have a neat and tidy closet.

1. Not decluttering


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If you keep ever single piece of clothing you have ever bought, and you have a small close, it doesn’t matter how organised you are in theory – in practice your closet is going to drive you crazy. The key to having a neat and tidy closet is to streamline its contents. With a small closet, space is not your luxury so it’s more crucial that you weed out what you don’t wear. Plus, giving away your clothes is a noble move as many other unfortunate individuals can benefit from it.

2. Opting for the wrong hangers


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Now we know this sounds silly but picking the right hanger for your closet can make all the difference. We are not saying to pick the exact same hanger, but they should at least be the same size and type. For instance, you can hang pants from hangers with clasps or fold them over regular hangers. But if you do some in one way and the others in the other way, it becomes much harder to glance into the cupboard, see all your pants at once and choose a pair. On top of that, hangers of varying heights and sizes can make it physically difficult to get your clothes out. When you’re trying to get ready in the morning, the last thing you want is the annoyance of clothes getting stuck to one another, falling to the closet floor or seemingly gone missing.

3. Stuffing all your clothes into one closet


It’s going to be a nightmare if you have to deal with not only clothes that you wear on a daily basis, but the traditional or special occasion attires that you will wear once in a blue moon. We can assure you that you’re going to start hating your little closet every time you have to open the door. If it is possible, rotate your closet and keep aside these rare clothes. Maybe you can stack them on the highest shelf in your cupboard so they don’t get in the way of your regular clothes.

4. Purchasing too many organisation products

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Dividers, storage boxes and bins can be helpful in organising and managing your closet, but there’s a limit to their usefulness. They do take up space all on their own. Therefore, if you depend on organisers to do the work for you, you’re going to be disappointed and have a closet with a smaller space. Right now you’re priority is to buy things that will allow you to maximise the limited space that you have. We suggest you look for flat shelf dividers, small belt holders and things of that sort.

5. Not having a system

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Like anything in life, not having a proper system to follow is a recipe for disaster. When your closet is small, you might think you’ll be able to find any item easily even if they’re not categorised. How could you lose a dress in a closet 2 or 3 feet across? Trust us, it’s pretty easy to do just that. Therefore, sort clothes by type – jackets, shirts, dresses and pants – and if possible, within those types, by colour.


Written by Rubaa Shunmuganathan | Edited by Mira Soyza

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