10 creative uses for tension rods

10 creative uses for tension rods

The humble tension rod is one versatile tool, solving storing headaches and making use of awkward areas. Here are some of its uses for you to consider:

1. Hang one under the sink for cleaning supplies. It adds another layer of storage and keeps all your spray bottles neatly in a line.

2. If your cutting boards, cookie sheets, and pot lids don’t fit in your cupboard while laying down, or you want to free up more space, separate them with tension rods so they sit vertically. 

3. Use them to hang curtains from for open storage solutions, such as bookshelf shades or sink skirts to conceal clutter. Paired with fun fabric, they are also a quick and easy decorating statement.

4. Another way to systemize your closet is to  use a series of tension rods to organize your (formidable) shoe collection. The same could be done for storing jewelry.

5. For craft supply addicts, these adjustable bars are perfect for hanging ribbon, washi tape, wrapping paper and other knick knacks.

6. Tension rods could also be useful in the laundry room as they make great impromptu drying racks or storage for extra hangers.

7. Use them to display photos on a desk, instead of on a wall or in a photo frame. This is a fantastic way to eke out more functionality of existing furniture, and corral items in a more visually appealing way.

8. Many people love having pretty tables as desks, but often the whole look is spoiled with the need for electrical cords or storage for files. The solution to this problem is to add curtains to the table and hang them between the table legs using tension rods.

9. Tension rods are also perfect as inexpensive pet gates! It would not be able to stop a tiny dog or a sneaky cat, but it is brilliant for bigger dogs.

10. For herbs that love lots of light, an outdoor view is essential. Create a pretty hanging garden by installing tension rods in your kitchen window to act as a ledge for your potted plants.