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  iExpert is a Q & A platform that allows iProperty.com members to connect and find answers to their questions. Whether you’re buying, selling, renting or a real estate professional, if you want an answer to that burning property question from our resident iExperts, or would like to become an iExpert yourself, this is the place for you. To participate, please register as a member or sign in.
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What is iExpert?

iExpert is a Q & A platform that allows iProperty.com members to connect and find answers to their questions. Whether you're buying, selling, renting or a real estate professional, if you want an answer to that burning property question from our resident iExperts, or would like to become an iExpert yourself, this is the place for you


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A: It's volunteerism at its best, yet you get incentivised with recognition and the chance to win prizes from time to time. Ask a question and have members to help you find solutions to your problems. Answer questions and get votes from a grateful community while being recognised as an active participant in the exchange of real estate knowledge. When a question is answered and gets a "thumbs up", points get awarded to the members who gave the best answer. When a question is given a "thumbs down", points are subtracted from the member's total point tally.
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Q : Hello, Saya ingin membuat pertanyaan tentang status geran tanah.
Category : General Topics       Location : Pahang
Hello, Saya ingin membuat pertanyaan tentang status geran tanah. Dalam geran tersebut, dinyatakan sebagai- Hak Milik sementara Negeri : Pahang Daerah : Bentong Bandar/Pekan/Mukim : Mukim Bentong Kategori Penggunaan Tanah : Bangunan Geran untuk selama-lamanya Syarat2 khas mengenai hakmilik sementara: SYARAT2 NYATA : Tanah ini hendaklah digunakan untuk Bangunan Perniagaan (Hotel/Resort/Chalet) Tanah ini dahulunya berstatus pertanian dan telah mendapat kelulusan tukar-syarat kepada pembangunan komersial. Tanah ini juga terletak di kawasan Janda Baik. Disini saya ingin mendapatkan kepastian tentang status tanah ini. Adakah ianya betul2 status Freehold Commercial dan boleh dijualkan kepada non-bumi atau foreigner? Adakah terdapat status Freehold tetapi pada masa yang sama Malay reserved? Jika ia, apa gunanya membayar premium tukar syarat tanah? Harap dapat membantu. Terima kasih.
By fara shanaz, 05-Aug-2010.

Leslie Low answered : 06-Aug-2010.
The title "Hak Milik Sementara" is not meaning leasehold. Not matter is freehold or leasehold title, there is 2 type so called "Temporary Title" and "Permanent Title". If it is a leasehold title, it will write there the expired date. The word "perniagaan" is an assurance of it is for commercial use, but in your case, if it is pending for conversion premium to be paid, the title will on be commercial once the premium been paid. The conversion premium to convert an agricultural land title to become a commercial title is 30% of the purchase price or current market value whichever is higher. It should not be a Malay Reserved land if the title is not stated, so it can be transfer to a non-malay, this will apply the same to non-bumi status.
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Raymond Chu answered : 27-Jan-2014.
Most important is the cukai tanah. If there is an arrears of cukai tanah, then, this could be accumulated even before land title is granted. Land office can check this with u.
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kl value answered : 22-Apr-2011.
ur land is under commercial which mean u can develop shops.etc..as it already stated in your title (bangunan perniagaan)..satus as hakmilik sementara meaning that your land havent been final surveyed of which after final survey you will be given title something like Geran, Geran Mukim, PN, PM...before final survey...your title should be HSM, HSD... freehold under malay reservation is normal..
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