Zeroing in on moving out


Zeroing in on moving out

Most people have no idea where to start and if you are one of them, we have some tips for you to make your move go smoothly.

Do not forget to change your address

Many first-time movers make the mistake of not changing their address prior to moving, experiencing the consequence of misdirected mails. Remember to notify those affected particularly your bank, telephone and internet provider, employers, schools and post office.  Another tip is to change your address with magazine subscriptions, if any besides your delivery address on online companies such as eBay and Amazon.

Hiring the right movers
Should you have the advantage of owning a van and lots of friends who are willing to help you out then there would be no need of hiring movers at all. If you have to though, ensure that you select the right company as some removal companies have odd policies that you may have missed. For instance, a select few refuse to move items stored in rubbish bags and will only take boxed items. Hence, it is recommended that you read the small print before committing to a particular removal company

Check out your neighbours
It is imperative that you find out about your new neighbours before moving into your new home as it will prove invaluable for years to come. Your house may be perfect, but there is far more to living in a particular place. Scout out your prospective neighbours to ensure that there will be no problems in regards of noise pollution, bad behavior or any other factors that would make staying there a nightmare.  This could be done through various ways – getting a reference check from the previous owners, a solicitor check or even the simple act of meeting your prospective neighbours beforehand.

Hassle-free packing
Never leave things to the last minute, start packing your things well in advance of the big day. Besides cardboard boxes and tape, stock up on cardboard corners and bubble wrap as well for fragile items such as glassware and pictures. One way to save money is to use your clothing instead when wrapping up things like plates and glasses to save on bubble wrap costs. Besides that, be sure to label your boxes, as it will save a lot of headaches when unpacking.

Pack up an ‘Essentials’ Box

A fantastic way to help you settle in your new home on the first night is to pack an ‘essentials’ box. The moving day would be a draining one and you do not need the extra chaos of your first day in a new home. The box should include what you are going to need first such as snacks, tissue paper, utensils, a change of clothes and maybe even a kettle.

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