Understanding Feng Shui For Property Investment


Understanding Feng Shui For Property Investment

From a Feng Shui perspective, some of the best properties to invest in are ones perched atop hills and mountains. This is due to the fact that these natural earth formations possess Qi generating capabilities and are highly sought after in the real estate business.

Malaysians are currently facing one of the harshest market conditions with property ownership. Therefore, it is important that we dissect every aspect of the property before purchase to reduce the risk of having to live with ill-fated decisions.

Properties that are located in mountainous areas are likely to be costly and promises a profitable increase in value in due time. As Qi is generated in natural hilly areas, properties within its proximity inadvertently spike in value.

Mountains govern all Qi in the environment and are also responsible for producing Wealth Qi. It is one of the main reasons properties within the said area fetch high value and should be on the radar for those looking to gain significant wealth.

Mountains are highly regarded in Feng Shui because they are not manmade but carved onto the surface of the earth by cosmic effects. For millennia, the earth has been taking shape to the gravitational pull of stars and other galactic elements. These mountains are regarded as Yin because their position is stationary.

This Yin represents quaintness and the mountains in reference are popularly referred to in ancient Feng Shui as ‘Dragons’. The study of Feng Shui has identified different types of mountains that offer varying Qi. That said, it is important to determine the type of Qi and quantity received by a piece of property before committing to a purchase.

To tap into a specific Qi, one must first make an observation of the quality of mountains in the desired property location. It may seem as if one would require special abilities to do this, but someone with an untrained eye could tell the difference – it really is that simple.

In our own backyard, mountainous terrain can be found ubiquitously. They can even be spotted in highly developed areas and should be taken into account for your property Feng Shui assessment. Just be aware of their presence at your scouting location and you should be just fine.

To help better identify them, the San He classics state that Good Mountains are green, lush and gentle in appearance. They also have rather rounded tops and are considered very healthy due to their ability to emit auspicious Qi. These types of mountains are dubbed growing Dragons (Sheng Long).

Bad mountains, on the other hand, are steep, sharp and have pointy tops likened to the top of a witch’s headdress. Mountains that have naturally crumbled or are torn down by quarry explosives also come under the Bad Mountains category and should be avoided when selecting a property.

Qi flows from the highest peak of these mountains and makes it way to the base. Any obstruction along the way could prevent this Qi from completing its natural course. These hindrances are identified as greenery and rock formations that create a Sick Dragon (Bing Long) scenario.

Now that we have covered the observation part of mountains, let’s understand what their positions mean, with regards to your intended property location. Mountains located behind the house are considered to bring about security and stability in a home. It is also a sign that harmony will be fostered amongst family members.

Should the mountains be on the left side of the property, it will protect the property from violent Qi.



This Green Door Embrace (Qing Long Sha) should not be confused with Sha Qi as the former promotes male prosperity. Although we should take note that all positivity will be dispelled should the mountains be too close to the property.

Mountains on the right side of the property are commonly known as the White Tiger Embrace and they protect the property from potentially damaging Qi. Similar to the previous mountains, it would be best to ensure that your property is within a healthy distance from the White Tiger Embrace and should not be taller than the Green Dragon.

From the Main Door of the property, it would also be advisable to look out for mountains in the northeast and southeast directions as they would help yield better property value in due time. However, mountains on to the northeast impose quicker effects compared to that of the southeast.

A highly sought after property would be one that harnesses positive Qi from land formations such as Mountains in its surroundings. It is important that you equip yourself with the necessary know-how to make the right purchase and experience the impeccable effects of Feng Shui you wish to see.

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