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3 simple tips to decorate with monochrome


Here’s how to pull off a monochromatic room, according to interior designers. 

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A monochromatic living room is anything but boring. Not only does it help to streamline your design, when done skillfully, it can also create a great effect with the help of various tints and shades. Though it sounds as easy as choosing the colour and pick the furniture and home decor with similar shades, perfecting the monochromatic look actually takes a lot more effort. When done wrong, your room will end up looking dull, tired and uninspiring. 

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So what are the keys to decorating a monochromatic room? We get interior designers from IQI Concepts to weigh in below on the most important things to remember when going monochrome. 

1. Create a focal point

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One of the most important things to note is to always use colours to present your room’s focal points. Use calm and cool colours like beige and blush for walls and furniture, and bold colours like grey, black and navy for accents.

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Doing this will create a sense of space to the room and direct attention to the accents. 

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2. Pick your choice of colours

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The one mistake people often make: overwhelming the room with a single shade. While it’s important to stick to a single colour, feel free to choose a family of colours to experiment with. That said, having too many colours in the same room defeats the purpose of a monochrome room as well.

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The rule of thumb is to narrow it down to a total of three hues and stick to them. Start with the base colour, then complete it with a darker and a lighter shade. For example, if the colour grey is your base colour, pick black and stone colour to complement the shade. 

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Tip: Don’t be afraid to add a layer of contrasting tone to add visual interest to your room. 

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3. Add texture

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As mentioned above, a monochrome room can look banal if it’s not done properly. To add some elements of fun and creativity, play around with different textures and patterns like wood, cushions and rugs. The marble TV wall as shown in the picture is also a fantastic way to add variation and keep the colour from falling flat.

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