The Lowdown On Property Value


The Lowdown On Property Value

These days, a property is no longer a unit we maximise for our personal living purposes. It has become an investment entity with high returns and long-term profits as well. This type of an investment relates not only to the concept of buy-and-sell, it serves for rental purposes as well.

Regardless of whether or not a purchased property is directly utilised as a personal living quarter, we all seek immediate effects that boost our property value. While the property market has been at its highest high and lowest low, there are still smart ways we can invest in to propel the value of our property, whether you are selling it now, or in the future.


There are four elements that usher in those plus points. They are Natural Water, Annual Flying Stars, Bright Hall and the Main Door. As mentioned in ancient classic books, “Water is the blood of the Dragon”, Water is Yang, demarcating and collecting Qi in a certain area. Accordingly, an area with good water placement and formations can foster auspicious convergence and collection of Qi.

The waters of lakes and ponds are regarded as peaceful and sentimental. For this reason, a property with a lake facing Southwest or the North is reckoned to be the best, as the property with this feature is said to be potentially uprising on the market rapidly, with its effects lasting for up to 2 years.


While lakes and ponds usually originate from natural sources, bear in mind that manmade lakes are considered to be beneficial as well. However, drains are just downright bad.

A typical tropical climate like that of Malaysia is familiar with plenty of rain and drainage systems. Therefore, a property facing the constant flow of drains is considered to exude Killing Qi as it carries along the unfavourable Cutting Feet Water.

Occupants of properties with such formations should beware of the afflicting effects on their health and wealth as it is considered to be one of the most dangerous negative water formations that blocks out all positive Qi from entering the property.


The Annual Flying Stars vary from time to time, as different year positions different stars. Understanding the location and functions of these stars not only guides us in how best to utilise different sectors of our property, it also assists us in identifying the potential and setbacks within those sectors.


Another factor that helps multiply the added value of your property is the Bright Hall, a Feng Shui term that essentially refers to the space directly in front of the property. An internal Bright Hall is essential in allowing Qi to gather around within the property. This is where Qi is being collected and circulated around.

However, having multiple lights in front of your house doesn’t make your hall ‘bright’. Bright Hall refers to a spacious area in front of the Main Door that helps garner in favourable Qi. Therefore, keep it clear, spacious and broad because an effective Bright Hall not only gathers good Qi, it helps to skyrocket the value of the property as well. In addition, properties facing a field or a playground also have the same effects.


The significance of the Main Door cannot be emphasised enough. Essentially the Qi’s Mouth of the House, the Main Door is the primary entrance for Qi from the environment. It is extremely important that the Main Door is not negatively or adversely affected by forms in any way as it will affect the ability of the property to secure Qi from the environment. Therefore, a nurturing environment must be accompanied by a substantial Main Door.

You certainly do not want any external forms affecting the Main Door that might repel or block Qi. The Main Door should not be hidden away and should be able to be seen from the front. This way, Qi is ushered right into your home.

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