The dirt on Feng Shui


The dirt on Feng Shui

When Feng Shui is mentioned, things like mountains, water and Meridian spots are likely the first things that come into a person’s mind. The least likely thing that a person would probably think about is soil. It is an often mentioned thing, but soil actually has a place in Feng Shui textbooks.

By just digging a few feet into the ground, the colour and the quality of the earth below the top soil would tell you much about the Qi of the land. For instance, if the soil is soft and loamy, it is a positive indication that the land is a good one and is filled with positive Qi. On the other hand, if what you see are rocks and pebbles, this tells that positive Qi does not circulate well at this place.

This phenomenon ties to the phrase, “Qi is dispersed by the wind, and gathers at the boundaries of water” commonly used as a guideline in Feng Shui. Rocky land is a possible indication of erosion by fast moving wind. Where there is wind, it is a sign there is lack of hills or mountains to protect the area; hence, Qi cannot gather.

As Qi is known to emanate from hills and mountains, the absence of such features is also a clear indication that the presence of good quality Qi is also lacking. In the absence of hills or mountains, we tend to look for water as QI “gathers at the boundaries of water”.

Qi shares similar nature to water and as such, has a natural tendency to flow from high to low ground. Due to this, where there are water features such as lakes and rivers present, Qi is likely to be present as well. Having said this, the land should not be waterlogged as this is an indication of stagnant Qi. A good land is one with natural water ways where Qi is allowed to circulate and flow.

If there are mountains located in the vicinity of your property, that is already a good sign. However, you may want to know what sort of energies they emit and the soil would be a good place to start. One of best signs you would want to see is greenish coloured soil. This type of soil indicates the area is governed by the Wood element.

Wood Qi is conducive for prolonging life, maintaining good health and as identified as being supportive for those seeking to elevate their status and raise their reputation. As such, professions which require a reputation such as writers and celebrities will usually benefit from such Qi. As Wood is also symbolic of growth, those influenced by this element are likely to be more sentimental and benevolent in nature.

Yellowish soil are usually associated with the Earth element which among the Five Elements, represents stability and wealth-generation. These are the type of lands which are supportive of the banking industry and businessmen in general.

Soil which are related to Metal element are usually pale white in colour and lands with such quality are suited for politicians, leaders or people in the military as this is the element which represents power and authority. Lands associated with the Wood, Earth and Metal element are usually the most sought after as they are classified in Classical Feng Shui as superior land due to their benevolent influence on those who reside on them.

Soil which are associated with the Water element are black. This is an element which is not only linked to intelligence, but is also related to movement and leisurely pleasures. Such lands are commonly associated with tourist sites and in some cases, those who stay on them tend to travel away to seek opportunities elsewhere as the Water element is also related to instability.

Fire element related soil on the other hand are usually purple or reddish. Due to it associated with passion, such lands are not conducive for domestic occupation as they would influence its residents to become overbearing. Normally, the best sort of usage for Fire element lands are for religious or spiritual establishments.



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