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Spring cleaning hacks: 5 jobs you need to tackle now


Spring is the time to dust off the old cleaning gloves and put some elbow grease into those jobs that you’ve been putting off all year.

Before the dread sets in, rest assured that with a little planning, a spring clean doesn’t have to take up your whole day or leave your house smelling like a hospital. With some quick tips and some basic household items, your tough spring cleaning jobs will be finished in no time.

Here are five jobs the crew at UrbanYou recommend to get you started.

1. Unclog your drains

Drains are an often overlooked part of your cleaning routine, but a clogged drain not only causes a horrible smell, but it can also really affect your plumbing.

Tackle your clogged-up drains with a basic mix of vinegar, bicarb and water to break away built-up grime and leave drains smelling fresh. Pour a tablespoon of bicarb followed by a tablespoon of vinegar, into your drain and let it work its magic for about 20 minutes. Rinse it away with some boiling hot water, repeat if needed, and you’ll have fresh-smelling drains without the hard work.

2. Sort out your oven

The baked-on stains in an oven are enough to cause anyone to vow never to cook again. But instead of reaching for the takeaway menu or using harsh chemicals, wearing elbow-length gloves and scrubbing for what feels like days, let your household vinegar and bicarb mix do the work for you.

Warm your oven a little to help break down some of the greases. Then rub a paste of bicarb and warm water all over your oven, followed by a generous amount of white vinegar. Leave it to bubble away and break down for about an hour – depending on how dirty your oven is – then wipe clean with a cloth.

3. Get your windows sparkling

Window-washing need not be associated with streak marks, smudged spots and expensive cleaning products. Cleaning your windows is actually one of the easiest spring clean jobs to wipe off the list.

Cleaning windows need not be a tedious task with the right tools and know-how. Picture: Getty

Using an equal parts vinegar and water mix, simply spray onto the window and wipe clean straight away with a paper towel or lint-free cloth in a horizontal motion.

TIP: The quicker you do it the less likely you are to get streaks. Work those windows!

4. Tackle your kitchen

You’d be surprised by how many germs live in your everyday kitchen items – which is why you should replenish or wash them regularly.

Start by throwing away old cloths and sponges and cleaning out your bin with lemon juice. You can also give your wooden chopping boards a freshen up with coconut oil and half a lemon to keep the wood sparkling and to kill any lingering bacteria.

5. Improve your lighting

What if we told you brightening up a room is as simple as giving its lighting fixtures a once-over? Use a damp cloth to gently wipe away any dust build-up, and let that spring feeling in with warm, clean light.

When tackling spring cleaning, think of a top-down approach – do your lights first and finish with skirting boards and floors, that way you aren’t going over what you’ve already done.

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