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Pimp your furniture with this game-changing hack


‘Shine a new light’ on old furniture and take your less-loved pieces from dull to designer in one easy step.

Upcycling warriors, Shannon and Simon Vos, have happened on what’s perhaps one of the easiest and most epic makeover hacks we’ve ever seen.

While a good sand, a new coat of paint, a clever repurpose or upholstery job can breathe new life into your old furniture, we understand that they can be time-consuming and require a bit of work.

But this hack stands to change all of that. It’s cheap, easy, and incredibly effective in ‘shining a new light’ on old pieces.

Let there be light! Picture: Tamara Graham

We’re talking, of course, about LED strip lighting.

Lighting is everything when it comes to interiors, furniture and displays,” Shannon tells us. “A sunrise without any sun is just another dark night, right? So it’s important to highlight our most-loved pieces throughout our homes.”

How to install strip lighting into your furniture

No need to be daunted by this project. As Shannon says, strip lighting can be easily installed by any DIY warrior.

“Pre-wired packages can be bought from just about any hardware store, and once opened are pretty much ready to plug straight into a powerpoint.

“If you want to hide your lighting or place a piece away from a powerpoint, consider battery-operated strip lights for a streamlined look.

“Battery-operated LED lights (and you can even get a remote control) are handy for spaces without an easily accessible power source, but be prepared to burn through a few batteries, too.”

In terms of the actual instalment process, Shannon says: “You might need a drill to create a hole for wires to feed through and a bit of double-sided tape, but that’s about it!”

“It helps if your furniture is clean and free from any grime, as any strip lighting will quickly highlight a month’s worth of dust,” says Shannon. Picture: Tamara Graham

How to choose strip lighting for your furniture

You’ll find a bunch of different sizes, adhesives, and options in most hardware stores, but one of the bigger decisions you’ll have to make is whether you’re going for a cool or warm glow.

“It all depends on the look you are going for with your lighting,” says Shannon. Modern pieces may call for a cooler look, while vintage pieces with character would better suit a warm hue.

Add strip lighting under stairs to bring an extra design element. Picture: Jason Busch

Furniture ideal for strip lighting

Looking for some inspo? Why not try jazzing up these old pieces over the weekend.

  • An old DVD or CD storage unit
  • An epic booze collection
  • A collection of trinkets special to you
  • A trophy display
  • To light behind furniture
  • To accentuate a feature wall

Who says the lighting can’t be the feature in itself? Picture: Ikea

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