Living the high-rise life with Feng Shui


Living the high-rise life with Feng Shui

In big cities, space is a premium commodity, and for both convenience and efficiency, apartment and highrise living has been on the rise. And when it comes to analysing the Feng Shui of apartment, there are challenges and problems that one may face that are unique to high-rise living when applying Feng Shui principles. Seeing that the Feng Shui of an apartment can vary from block to block and floor to floor, finding the right unit for you can take a little more homework than what is needed with landed property.

When getting started with choosing a location, make sure you get the Facing Direction right. Many people apply the same principles for landed property to high rise property, which does not work the same. Unlike landed property, locating the Facing Direction of apartments can be confusing, and people tend to use the apartment entrance to judge the direction. However, considering the fact that the whole apartment block shares a common roof and can be considered as “one house”, the Facing Direction should be in the direction of the facade of the block itself.

To determine the direction that the property façade’s is facing, look for which side the property was intentionally built to face. This may or may not include the main entrance, depending on the architecture of the building. Using a Feng Shui Luo Pan, stand at the middle of the façade looking outwards, and measure the direction with your Luo Pan. Once the Facing Direction of the building has been determined, plot the Flying Stars or Eights Mansions chart to obtain the Qi map of the unit, and then superimpose the map over a copy of your unit’s floor plan, ensuring the Main Door aligns with the Facing Direction.

The stars at your unit’s Main Door will give you a general snapshot of the Qi affecting it. If they are not good, the Qi circulating in the unit isn’t good either. In general, if the unit’s Main Door has good stars or combinations, move on to check the Bedroom sector. You’ll want good Sitting Stars in the bedroom area since these help with health and relationship aspects in life. Since the Main Door of the unit is inside a building, it is also important to check that the corridors outside the unit are not narrow or cluttered. The lift to your floor is considered an internal Qi mouth and must not be obstructed or blocked lest it cause the Qi to gather and stagnate just outside your unit.

Inside the unit, ensure there is an open space just beyond the unit’s Main Door. In order to prevent an obstruction of the flow of Qi, make sure the surrounding area of the Main Door is uncluttered and unhindered to allow the positive Qi to flow and circulate around your property. If needed, you can also place an aquarium or water feature by the Main Door, since water is a Yang form suitable for the activation of Qi. Also make sure to determine the kitchen is at an acceptable location before you rent or buy the unit, and check to see how the stove can be placed within it. Ensure that you can locate it in a place that has no negative forms in the kitchen, such as opposite the kitchen door or the sink. Do not forget to check the external landforms surrounding your apartment block since they have a greater bearing on the type of Qi entering your home.

Use a basic compass and a map of the location to find out exactly where the 8 cardinal directions are, then evaluate the closest external forms from the block’s Main Door and the unit’s balcony. Look for Water and Mountain formations, and note that the swimming pool would be considered a Water formation and has an influence on the Feng Shui of your unit. Keep in mind that the location of these forms will vary from unit to unit based on its location and floor level within the apartment block and may influence each unit differently. If it helps, drive around the neighbourhood to get a better sense of where everything is located in relation to your potential home.

Of course, if you’d like to ensure that you select a unit that is the absolute best fit based not only on Luan Tou Feng Shui, but also on your destiny and personality, a personalised Feng Shui consultation is highly recommended. In practice, a Classical Feng Shui practitioner will check a person’s BaZi before making a Feng Shui prescription. Once you’ve found the right unit, interior design tastes such as colours and furniture arrangements can be done however you want them.


In Feng Shui, the external influences have stronger sway, and the colours and materials of your furnishing and walls serve more of a psychological effect than a Feng Shui one. If you’ve done your research, gotten the right consultation and chosen the best unit, you’re set for enjoying a prosperous life in your home in the sky.

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