Let your home help build your career


Let your home help build your career

Often a time, we hear of friends or family members talk about how displeased they are to be working in certain industries that they aren’t entirely convinced about. That feeling is all too familiar because some of us have been there too.

The reasons can range from difficulty climbing up the corporate ladder, to getting along with workmates or even a discouraging gut feeling about simply stepping into office.

A Feng Shui assessment of your home would be able to indicate missing places (more on this a little later) in your home that relates back to the type of industry you work in. Identifying this can help stem personal career problems. Let’s take a closer look at how they all come together.


Flying Stars is a system that consists of a three-bythree (3×3) grid. This is the most basic assessment for a home that can be used by both beginners and expert Feng Shui practitioners.

This grid is superimposed on the plan of your home and divides it into 9 sectors, also known as palaces. Based on your Facing Direction and Gua, each palace will tell you which industry, or which type of job, you cannot do as long as you live in that property.

Bear in mind that the industry might also be inherently ill-suited to you based on your BaZi. This would also explain why you choose to live in a house with that particular missing palace, and it would all make sense in the end.

If your home does not have a missing palace, then your career problems or challenges are likely to be caused by something else. If this is the case, you would need to evaluate the nature of your career problem precisely.


If you feel that you’ve come to a dead end with solutions to your career problems, you may have a strong case of the missing palace. Start by using the grid as mentioned above and superimpose it on the plan of your own home.

If you notice any sector of your home missing on the grid, that could be the cause of your career problems. Let’s go over a few examples to understand this well.

Alex is a professional lawyer but his career does not seem to take flight the way he wants it to. He keeps acquiring mediocre clients and work that is of very little interest to him.

Going back to the drawing board, Alex notices that the northwest palace of his home is missing. It is a specific palace that relates to the judicial profession, to which he belongs. It becomes clear that his home is not supporting his endeavours at work.

What about jobs with mixed profiles? Let’s check in with Laila. She has a job in public relations and it involves marketing books and promoting their authors.

The south palace relates directly to public relations, but the north also helps keep her career buoyed. In addition, the southeast palace involves publishing and authors. If any one of these places is missing, then her career in that area would turn out working against her favour.

So if you’ve figured out the places with corresponding career paths and industries, what do you do if one or more are missing? Simply have its career-corresponding elemental enhancement set in place at the missing palace to boost what is ill-present.

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