Inspirational industrial workspace

Inspirational industrial workspace

Vadim Sherbakov, a Russian photographer and designer shares his own unique style of industrial chic workspace. Based in Moscow, Russia, Sherbakov lived in a relatively mid-sized flat with several rooms; one of which he uses as his office studio. His workspace combines the use of glass, steel, solid wood and leather to match the industrial design with a touch of modernity.

His particular setup consists of a custom build table from vintage floor woods, some shelves to store his less frequently used items which also serves as a display area as well as a white leather sofa to represent the modern vintage fashion. In the bright room with white walls and a window of greenery, the effect is an overall vibrant space to work in.

The desk was handcrafted by a wood shop in Moscow and he chose the solid wood over other wood medium to supress sound as well as to provide better sound system quality from his desktop studio speakers. Solid wood also provides less vibrations from his speakers so as to keep a clean sound clarity.

For the record, he doesn’t sit on that uncomfortable but neat looking chair, but it was placed there as a matching furniture for photography purposes.

That Edison light bulb accessory on the desk is particularly interesting, since a study suggested that seeing light bulbs spurs creative ideas. Produced by Grovemade, the lightbulb holder is made of walnut wood, a choice for the traditional and sophisticated appearance. Sherbakov emphasised on less clutter and space efficiency, hence the hardwood timber shelf to maximise storage space while providing his office studio with a sense of spaciousness.

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