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How to know when to oversize your furnishings


It’s important to appreciate the big things in life, and your home should be no different.

When we play with scale and when we supersize certain elements in a home, we create interest, depth and a focal point in the space. Let’s have a look at my (censored) top five to supersize.

Double the doors

Nothing makes a lasting first impression like an oversized front door. Having that scale at the front of your home, can set the stage for big things to come inside.

A door that’s three or even – gasp – four meters tall will really shock the senses and create a sense of luxury at the entrance of your home.

By incorporating a pivot hinge or an interesting material (steel, brass, carved timber), it will further set the front of your home apart from all the other Joneses on the street.

But it shouldn’t end there, bringing this feature inside and extending the height of your doors all the way to your ceiling will increase airflow and give the illusion that the space seems taller than what it is.

The front entrance of 464 Bayles-Cora Lynn Road greets you with huge antique double doors. Picture:

From the windows to the wall

Picture this, a gorgeous home set in the bush or on a lake, with itty bitty windows taking in mere snippets of a view. It’s a design disaster and huge missed opportunity.

So, if you have a view make the most of it, and short of being all ‘pervy’ on the neighbours, literally anything counts.

The mantra of ‘bringing the outdoors in’, is no more easily achieved than with supersized windows – and plenty of them.

A plasterboard wall is duller than soggy Weet-Bix floating in almond milk, and I would rather have a giant window looking out to an overgrown backyard, than another blank wall in my home.

Make sure you double glaze your glass (triple if you get a harsh winter). And remember, a window works both ways, so pull some curtains or blinds when you don’t want the neighbours to see what goes on after the sun goes down.

It’s a no brainer – the bigger your windows, the more outside you bring in. Picture: Getty

Oversized rugs

Nothing ties a room together like a well-placed rug. And bigger is better. An oversized rug will define your space (great for open-plan living), keep your toes toasty in winter and make a living room feel bigger than it is.

Don’t go too far and run the rug to your walls or under your cabinetry, try to leave a buffer of at least 50cm between the rug and your walls. And as a general rule, tuck the rug under your sofa about a third of the way, though if you have the space to go further, do it.

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If you can’t fork out the funds for a giant rug, try layering smaller rugs to create that supersize aesthetic.

An oversized rug will define your space and keep your toes toasty. Picture: Greg Natale

Almighty artwork

A home without art is a dull and lifeless space and more often than not, it’s better to go big here as well.

A big and bold artwork is an easy way to inject colour and life into your home, and it really will transform your space.

Play with scale when dealing with artworks and you’ll create interest and depth in your palette. One huge artwork complemented by a few medium and smaller pieces will turn your plain and empty wall into a well-curated gallery.

When it comes to artworks, play with scale and you’ll create interest and depth in your space. Picture: Arti Shah/Artistudio

Supersized sofa

A sofa is one of the hardest elements in a home to get just right; probably for the fact that there are way too many choices out there. It’s also another great opportunity to create a supersized feature in your living room.

A big room is an obvious place for an oversized sofa, but it can work just as well in a small space, too. Although, you’ll have to balance the other elements just right (it may mean missing out on a coffee table or even an occasional chair).

It’s also about the proportion: if it looks higher, longer or wider than it should be, you have a super sofa, and this in your living room will be a commanding hero in your space, creating a sense of luxury and even helping to make your room look bigger.

It’s about balance: You can have a large sofa in a small space. Picture: Erinna Giblin

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