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How to find the right look for your interiors


Style is a way for us to express our individuality, communicate our personality and greet each day feeling confident and comfortable.

For most of us, it’s a critical part of our morning ritual as we get dressed. But the right style isn’t only important when we choose our outfits; it’s also crucial when styling our home environment.

What is a design style and why do you need one?

A design style is a distinctive collection of colours, patterns and textures influenced by an era or trend.

It’s the key to creating your perfect look and keeping the overall aesthetic of your home harmonious and consistent.

That doesn’t mean you’re strictly confined to any single style. If you’re a rule-breaker with a talent for mixing and matching, a fusion of trends may be a better expression of who you are.

You can often find the right interior design style by looking at your wardrobe, not only in terms of era and aesthetics but also materials that could translate perfectly to the design of your home.

A fusion of trends at home may be the best expression of who you are. Picture: Designbx Eclectic Apartment

How to discover your style

Creating a Pinterest board is a great way to collect images of colours, textures, patterns, layouts and furniture. It’s the ultimate online mood board.

You’ll find a plethora of results for any design-related search, and it’s so easy to add new ideas and organise your favourite images.

Our top tip is to break your boards into spaces, such as kitchen, lounge, outdoor and so on.

Browsing interior design and style magazines is another great way to discover your design personality. Find upcoming trends, or discover innovative ways to use the belongings you already have.

Pull out any pictures that you truly love, and no matter where you are, always keep an eye out in homewares stores and displays. Get snap happy!

Mood boards can be created however way works best for you; use them to display textures, paint swatches and fabric samples, or any other source of inspo. Picture: Getty

Find your style, now

Taking an online style quiz is a quick and fun way to find your perfect match. It’s as easy as answering yes or no to a few questions, and after completing the quiz… voila!

The three most relevant styles will appear. You may love one, or decide to blend two styles to find the right look. You’ll even get a printable PDF delivered to your inbox.

Can you see yourself feeling relaxed in this room? Picture: Designbx Hamptons Style Beachouse Conclusion

Questions to ask yourself

When looking at inspiration and taking style quizzes, be sure to stay true to yourself and be honest. There’s often a difference between the style we want and the style we need.

The easiest way to determine your style is to ask yourself:

  • Can I see myself feeling relaxed in this room?
  • Does this make me feel at home?
  • Would I like to entertain in this space?

Finding your design style isn’t difficult. So start flicking through your favourite magazines, pin a few images to boards on Pinterest or take an online style quiz to find your ideal look. We all deserve to relax and entertain in a space that perfectly expresses our personality.

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