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Are you making these home decorating mistakes?


Take cues from seasoned interior designers and avoid making these home decorating mistakes. 

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Do you know how you want your home to look like? Do you have a mood board or a vision board before you start renovating and decorating? It’s crucial to know what you want your home to be before you start decorating.

Read on to find out what the experts say to have a stylish home.

1. Stay away from catalogues

While it’s a good idea to flip through IKEA catalogues for ideas and inspirations, but don’t attempt to duplicate the design you see on paper. What looks good in the catalogue may not look well for your home. Use those pages as your mood board instead.

2. Overly matchy-matchy

Consistency is important, but you don’t have to stick to only one theme and style. You can experiment with different style and colour that are similar to your core theme. Just avoid getting furniture pieces in the same colour or style or it’ll look boring.

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3. Don’t chase the trend

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Trendy decors may look great, but you’ll often regretting buying these pieces 5 years down the road. However, there’s no harm in picking up one or two trending pieces for your home. It’ll serve as accent pieces. Remember to keep the rest of your space timeless.

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4. Keep it clean and clutter-free

It is tempting to buy furniture and decor pieces during the sales period, but it’s just not worth it. Half the things you buy are going to look mismatched with your current home. And chances are, you’ll end up buying things that you don’t actually need and cramp up your home. That definitely doesn’t look appealing, does it?

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