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Here is the list of most-read articles in 2018 on


We have compiled a list of English articles which most caught our readers’ attention last year.

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The articles are not listed in chronological order. Scroll down and enjoy these 10 articles as we wrapped up 2018!

1. 500 sq apartment? No sweat, here’s 5 design tips for a fabulous home

If you live in a small apartment, you might want to check out this article as it offers makeover tips that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It guides the readers from choosing the right colour scheme to creating a sense of spaciousness. Not just that, it also incorporates Feng Shui concept. You can personalise the furnishing and accessorise your home with the element that fits your living style!

2. 3 mega projects Tun Mahathir said yes to

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Tun Mahathir is known for his mega projects. Get more insights about Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, and KLIA which has become the beacons of Malaysia’s development in the last 20 years. Did you know that the largest indoor climbing gym in Southeast Asia is in Putrajaya? Now you know. Keep reading as there are more interesting facts to feed your curious mind.

3. Setting up a balcony garden? Let Daphne Iking show you how

It sounds tricky, isn’t it? But nothing is impossible as we share with you Daphne Iking’s gardening cheat sheet for the beginner. This famous TV personality shared how she set up her sky garden, the basics and the type of plants that are easy to grow. You can also apply some of these tips for normal landed gardens. Check out this artcle if you want to see Daphne’s homegrown plants!

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4. 5 relaxing resorts for a quick getaway in Klang Valley

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2019 is a year filled with many public holidays. Yeay!  We present to you five retreats in Klang Valley that’s suitable for a quick weekend getaway. These places are perfect for those who are looking for a mother nature trip but doesn’t really have the time for a long road trip. Keep your phone away and enjoy the tranquillity of these places.

5. 6 Malaysian kitchen layout ideas for any home

Kitchen contemporary style
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Big or small, you can find the perfect kitchen layout for your home here. Get a glimpse of your dream kitchen, depending on how much space you have or how much storage you require. This article covers all aspects of kitchen layout, from the position of appliances to workspace and manoeuvring space. U-shaped, L-shaped or one-wall kitchen, you have a selection of layout to choose from.

6. 7 kitchen cabinet material ideas you can choose from

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When choosing or remodelling kitchen cabinet, you definitely want a cabinet that is durable, cost-efficient and fits your style. This story guides you to choose the best material for your preferred kitchen cabinet. It gives you options and idea for kitchen cabinets like rustic look cabinets, industrial look, and even brick cabinets.

7. 6 cost-saving kitchen remodelling tips

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Are you thinking for a new year kitchen upgrade? Make sure you check this out! Kitchen upgrades and remodelling often cost a bomb but don’t worry as we want to help take the worries off your shoulder! We have listed down six tips to achieve your dream kitchen on a budget. These tips give you the affordable alternatives for countertops and flooring yet still look classy and high end.

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8. 7 most affordable duplexes/ studios for rent in Klang Valley

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If you value your privacy and personal space, why not switch your overpriced master bedroom with an affordable duplex or studio? You need not break the bank as we’ve compiled several affordable studios and duplexes that might fit your preferences. Not only affordable, these properties are only a hop, skip and jump from the city and public transportation is also convenient. So why wait? Read up this article to check out your desired studio apartment!

9. 7 areas in Klang Valley affordable to middle-income earners

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Owning a property in Klang Valley is quite challenging for many M40 income group people. With the skyrocketing property prices in Klang Valley, buying a home seems like a dream. Nonetheless, there’s still hope as there some areas that are practical for middle-income earners. Dive in to check out properties ranging from RM 118,000 to RM 170,000.

10. Merdeka Special: The untold stories of 5 historical Malaysian structures

tugu negara malaysia
 © The Merdeka Interviews (courtesy of the authors).

You might be familiar with these structures but how well do you know them? Enhance your knowledge about Malaysia with this Merdeka Special story. It takes you back to the time when these structures were built, the story behind them, old pictures, plus fun facts. You’ll be surprised at how much new information you’ve gained by reading this.

BONUS: 10 most expensive homes sold in Malaysia

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It’s everyone’s sweetest dream to own an extravagant home. We’ve listed down 2017’s 10 most expensive homes sold in Malaysia. Scroll down the full article to admire all these lavish houses (……and the price tag).

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As we bid goodbye to 2018, stay up to date as we will be releasing more updates and informative articles for 2019. You’ll find more interesting stories and tips to read on throughout the year. Happy New Year!

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