Embracing The Water Element At Home


Embracing The Water Element At Home

When discussing the Water Element, it almost instantly brings to mind larger bodies of water such as lakes and ponds outside of our homes. It is only natural to swing that way as the basics of Feng Shui prioritizes external Water Elements, but internal forms are equally imperative. The reality about the Water Element at home is, if practiced erroneously, poor Feng Shui with negative effects may follow.

Therefore, to ensure we practice the delicate art accurately, it is important to get acquainted with some facts first. It is not uncommon to find houses with water features such as a small pond or an aquarium built into the interior of the property. Water substantially affects the flow of Qi in a property and is something that should always be given serious consideration. Let’s now take a look at some of the common water features within homes along with their red flags.

Pools and Ponds

Avoid properties with a pool cutting right into it. Meaning, a pool built almost ‘into’ the house, where part of it is indoors and the rest, outdoors. The kind of problems the occupants will experience will depend on the sector this pool is located.

Steer clear of properties with a pond or body of water in the centre. The centre is the heart of the house and the central palace should always be Yin, where it is stable and quiet. Also avoid building a pond underneath the staircase, especially if the staircase is close to the centre of the property.

Also, avoid choosing properties with a pool above the Main Door or porch as it is an extremely detrimental formation that can cause significant loss of wealth.


Waterfall, either inside or outside the property, is a negative feature, depending on the sound it generates. However, if the waterfall creates a pleasant sound of gently ripples or gurgling noise, then it is fine. Even so, you still need to consider if it is located in a suitable sector for Water in the house.


Take this into consideration only when a substantial sized tank (anything more than five feet in length) is involved, as it will invariably assert some Feng Shui effects. The types and number of fish in the aquarium is not relevant in Feng Shui. Finding the right location to collect and stimulate Qi, which is the purpose of employing the aquarium solution, is more relevant.


Toilets do not flush away wealth or emit negative Qi. But this is not to say that the location of toilets is not significant in Feng Shui. It is a consideration if the property has a toilet bowl or bathtub – not referring to the toilet room – squarely above the Main Door.

It is advisable to either move the Main Door inwards, outwards or relocate the toilet bowl. Do note that if the ceiling at the Main Door area is tall, this would not be a problem. The same applies if you have a toilet bowl directly above the kitchen stove or the bed.

All in all, it is of utmost importance that proper consideration is given to bodies of water within the home. This is to administer positive Feng Shui effects to your life and help you steer in the right direction.

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