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This cosy home underwent a major makeover and now it looks like a holiday resort


Check out how this interior designer created the perfect resort-style home in this humble 490 square foot apartment.

Like having a favourite hair salon or restaurant, sometimes a homeowner enjoys an interior designer’s work so much that they can’t help coming back for more. Such was the case with interior design studio Grande Home and this couple, who commissioned the firm to design their home. After moving to a new, 490-square-foot home due to its convenient proximity to work, they sought out Grande Home’s services again.

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The clients were after a comfortable, resort-like home where they could wind down after a busy day. They also wanted the space to be practical, with a bit of European flair to the design and furnishings. First, senior interior designer Heidi Kwan and her team decided to completely rejig the apartment, redo the floorings, kitchen and bathroom. They also knocked down the walls between the kitchen and the dining area and between the original two bedrooms, converting the second bedroom into a walk-in closet. “As the apartment is not very big, an open plan makes the area bright and airy,” explained Kwan. “Also, there is no need to have many private or closed areas for a couple.”

The kitchen was particularly important, as the couple often enjoys cooking. “The open kitchen makes for more countertop area for preparing food,” said Kwan. “With an open kitchen, the couple can also interact while cooking.” In place of a wall, a folding window sits above the counter, which can be used to close off the kitchen to prevent the spread of smoke or odours. Due to limitation in size, Kwan had to make sure to carefully select the required appliances—fridge, oven, washing machine, and wine cabinet—and ensure that their dimensions would be an exact fit.

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An open kitchen allows the couple to interact while cooking

To infuse the home with a resort-like vibe, Kwan went with a white and neutral colour palette with pops of blue, as well as light wood fixtures and Venetian window blinds. The couple particularly loves the blinds, especially when sunlight seeps through the gaps. The original dark wooden flooring was replaced with a lighter shade. 

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A modern grey sofa sits against a blue wall in the living area, while a pendant light makes a statement above the dining table. In fact, some of the furnishings were brought along from the clients’ former home; they were easily incorporated into the new design. “The furniture and accessories are also easy to match, with a long-lasting look,” said Kwan.

In the bedroom, a bespoke bed designed by the firm sits in front of a grey headboard and striking geometric monochrome feature wall. “The wall is the first sight when entering the bedroom,” said Kwan. “The wallpaper is eye-catching and matches with the furniture. But if there is a feature colour or wall, just use it on a single wall in an area.” This ensures that the space doesn’t become overwhelmed—especially smaller spaces.

A walk-in wardrobe accommodates a large amount of clothing and accessories

Kwan also suggested a walk-in wardrobe as a storage solution. It accommodates a large amount of clothing and accessories without looking cramped or cluttered thanks to the use of soft beige, which brightens up the room. Kwan suggests using light colours for tall cabinets in general.

After just seven months of work, the couple moved into their new home last summer. Sticking with a tried-and-true designer turned out to be the right choice.

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