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Complementing design with feng shui


Complementing Design with Feng Shui

To understand Feng Shui, one must know that it is natural science that combines geography, geology, astrology, meteorology, landscape, architecture, ecology and human life message. The objective is to study and understand the natural environment and then improve life by utilising and receiving the positive energies to achieve a realm of perfection where human, heaven and earth are perfectly in line.

In pursuing this objective, Feng Shui has accumulated rich practical experience throughout its development by absorbing wisdom in various areas involving science, philosophy, aesthetics, ethics, religion and custom practices. This becomes the contemporary Feng Shui where it is a unique theoretical system that encompasses rich connotations and integrations.


A Feng Shui master ensures whether the environmental elements impact the property is good or bad. It helps to determine the cardinal direction and to avoid getting a house with bad Feng Shui.

However, Master Paw said Feng Shui is not almighty. It’s just knowledge and not black magic. You must research the property before committing to it as one can never completely remove the negativity. When you start with bad Feng Shui, it is impossible to be prosperous and this means you can only minimise the bad aura. Think of it as a patient with heart complications. He or she can go on with daily life but needs to avoid strenuous activities. Despite relying on medication, the patient may not fully recover from the heart disease. Therefore, a house with bad Feng Shui is like an incurable disease so doing research beforehand is vital.


After getting a property, she will need to proceed with the Feng Shui measurements before anything else. Using the 9-star Ki, she will match the colour tones of the building, wall and door as well as the positions of the bathroom and electrical appliances.

She said that this is necessary whether the house’s Feng Shui is good or bad but these measurements don’t have to be a large-scale renovation. Further, houses without Feng Shui arrangements will not be as beautiful as to those that implemented it.

On top of that, some homeowners may want to rethink the house’s exterior. This will lead to big renovations and it is good to bear in mind that Feng Shui can play a part in this too. By paying attention to good Feng Shui arrangements, the house’s exterior can trigger positive feelings, increase motivation and bring good luck to the home.


They say a good beginning is already half the success and this is why it’s essential to get an auspicious day to start the change you want to make to your home. This is especially true during notable events like the construction day as it signifies good fortune is coming soon. Master Paw added that Tai Sui, which is a Chinese term for the stars directly opposite Jupiter during its roughly 12-year orbital cycle, is another factor to determine auspicious events.


After all the major or minor changes is done, she will calculate the year, month and day where the stars aligned. This is followed by a Feng Shui layout that was measured before the renovation to gain maximum positive energy. When all items are positioned correctly, it will improve luck and living quality.


Finally, Master Paw will pick an auspicious day to move in. She said that while there are other factors affecting prosperity like the surrounding environment, these can’t be changed. However, through refurbishment and rearrangement via Feng Shui, you can guide positive energy into any home.

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