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Carrie’s ‘Sex and the City’ apartment reimagined


The stylish NYC studio apartment is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable in TV history, but Carrie’s fabulous digs would look pretty different if the show was set in today’s day and age.

To mark the 20th anniversary of Sex and the City, Modsy, a virtual interior design startup, reimagined Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic Upper East Side apartment according to how they believed it’d appear today if the series hadn’t ended (still not over it).

“Carrie Bradshaw was a style icon, a relationship aficionado, and was always armed with the perfect one liner,” says Alessandra Wood, style director of Modsy.

“And while her outfits were ever changing and always fabulous, her apartment remained largely the same over the show’s tenure.”

Carrie’s apartment had a “lived-in” feel about it. It was relatable in the sense that it featured an eclectic mix of homewares and furniture, and was even messy at times.

In short, it reminded us of our own homes (or would have if we’d been lucky enough to live in a Manhattan brownstone in the ’90s).

In 2018, Carrie’s apartment would be transformed to house a mix of modern and eclectic pieces that she’d no doubt have collected over the years.

Carrie’s apartment in 2018 has plenty of spots for her magazines and fashion books.

“She was a collector by nature – newspapers, magazines, ticket stubs, artwork – but didn’t have the curatorial flair that some of her counterparts did. We opted instead for a few stacks of books and magazine piles for a cleaner take on the clutter,” says Alessandra.

She was also a renter, so the colour palette would have remained much the same with pared-back neutral tones. Carrie was unafraid of embracing colour, however, and so a bright blue sofa would be included to add personality to her lounge.

A second key piece that would be carefully considered: Her desk. Carrie does all of her work from her apartment at the desk under her window where she can ponder her thoughts while staring purposefully at the street below.

Mid-century style furniture pays homage to the apartment built in the ’60s.

After donating her standard, pale wooden desk to an aspiring writer, it’s predicted Carrie would have splurged on a beautiful burl wood replacement.

“We think Carrie would have loved this piece for the warmth and texture it brings to her space. It’s also a style that could transcend her many apartment makeovers to come,” says Alessandra.

There are no plants (we all know our Carrie couldn’t have kept them alive), an updated Aiden chair, and a collection of eccentric artworks.

“Finally, what would Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment be without the iconic tutu, her Carrie necklace, to-go coffee cup, and her Vogue magazines?” says Alessandra.

The tutu would survive every spring clean.

Let’s say one of the gals moved into Carrie’s flat after her marriage to Big. Do you think they’d have kept it looking the same?

Modsy took the liberty of imagining just how Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha may have revamped the apartment should any one of them ever get their hands on it.

Samantha Jones

“Samantha Jones is proud, confident, and a no BS kind of woman,” says Alessandra, adding that Sam would have styled the place with a minimal glam approach that’s both clean and dramatic.

“We thought Samantha would appreciate a full sensory experience in her home, so we picked pieces that would appeal to both the eye and the touch.

“We mixed materials like leather, velvet, fur, and gold for a glamourous and moody space to entertain (and we don’t mean cheese and crackers kind of entertaining).”

The curvaceous, green velvet sofa could be compared to the diamond flower ring she acquires in the first movie: “One of a kind, and a bit too much”.

Charlotte York

Carrie’s digs would be transformed with a discerning eye, should Charlotte have lived here. “A curator by nature, we selected an elegant blend of pieces, all of course displaying a tastefully conservative palette,” says Alessandra.

A true perfectionist, Charlotte would have carefully selected each piece of furniture for her apartment, ensuring that the theme always exuded taste and class.

“As a leading lady in the art world, we gave special consideration to the artwork in her place,” Alessandra says.

“We gave her a few statement pieces around the apartment, works she might have picked up in her time at the gallery.”

Charlotte’s abode is classic, just like her.

Miranda Hobbes

All about practicality, Miranda would have designed a space that puts function before form, but that doesn’t mean she had no eye for style.

“When designing her space we opted for quality, lasting pieces that don’t have a lot of fuss and definitely no mess. Miranda had a lawyer’s salary but not a lot of time,” tells Alessandra.

She’s a workaholic, but notice how there’s no desk? “We thought Miranda would be more apt to work on her depositions (or daydream about running for governor) from her sofa and eat Chinese takeout off the coffee table.”

Miranda’s home is practical and perfect in every way!

Which apartment is your favourite?

All images courtesy of Modsy.

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