: A Game Changer in the Property Scene : A Game Changer in the Property Scene

A newcomer to the property scene, has already garnered the interest of many. This great new tool will assist property buyers, real estate professionals and investors make better informed property purchase decisions. Search for real transacted property prices for sub-sale properties in Putrajaya, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Penang, with data sourced from the Valuation and Property Services department, Jabatan Penilaian dan Perkhidmatan Harta  (JPPH).

How do I get started? How will this information help me?

Go to’s homepage to perform a search on your property or area of interest. You will then be prompted to specify your search; from the average prices of properties based on your budget range or interest to the period of the actual property transactions in that specific area.

Step 1: Enter your area of search or property name

Step 2: Refine your area of search

Step 3: Get the transacted prices for the property you are looking for!

View the summary of the highest and lowest property transactions in your area, e.g. Petaling Jaya, and that is just the beginning. You can also view the latest monthly transactions in each project or township, i.e.: SS3, Seksyen 23 and further that search down to the number of floors or lot size (property size). Results are filtered all the way down to the specifics, which makes the correlation between the above elements an easy grasp.


What does this mean for you?

With this, property buyers can roughly gauge the asking prices of a particular property or properties in an area, and whether they can afford properties at all in the area and/or what type of properties they can afford. Armed with this information, property buyers are provided with better confidence to negotiate with property agents and sellers. Investors on the other hand, will be able to analyse the demand in the area and know which types of properties sell fast and where to tap into. Last but not least, industry players can take it up a notch and get future projections of their target areas and are able to stay informed of the latest market transactions and be on top of their game. Either way, Brickz is a valuable tool for anyone wanting to get insights on transacted sub-sale properties. Look no further than Brickz to equip yourself with the most comprehensive information required to make better informed purchase decisions and the opportunity to keep abreast of changing market trends.


Wait, there’s more……

With free access, you can only view up to a maximum of 10 transactions for projects within Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor (those with stamp duty paid since August 2014) and Penang (with stamp duty paid since January 2015) with no data downloads. If you are a keen on acquiring more insights on projects and future market projections, you will then have to be subscribed to either a yearly plan at RM 300 (valid until Dec 31 2015,  normally priced at RM450) or opt for a single project download plan at RM 15 (valid until Dec 31 2015 normally priced at RM 30). Head on to right now!