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5 brilliant bedroom storage ideas you'll want to steal


Do you often feel like there’s never enough room in your house for all of your stuff? Of course, it could be that you have too much of it – OR you might simply be overlooking a key storage area: Your bedroom.

There are lots of great bedroom hacks you can employ to create bedroom storage solutions – if you know where to look.

If you’re feeling like your house doesn’t have enough cupboards for all of your things, here are my top five bedroom storage ideas that may help you find that very much-needed extra space.

1. Under the bed

A simple bedroom hack for storage is filling up suitcases with out-of-season clothes, then hiding it under the bed. Picture: Getty

The number one extra storage space in most homes is under the bed. Creatively organised, this space is great for storing out-of-season items or items you just don’t use that regularly. Luggage goes great down here.

Luggage filled with your out-of-season clothing is an even better storage solution. If your bed is too low to the ground, then consider investing in some platform risers (they lift the bed an extra few centimetres).

Once you’ve found that space, see-through bedroom storage boxes are great to store your things in under the bed; they slide under easily and can be clearly labelled so you can see what’s in there before you pull them out.

Feeling like you want to test your wood-working skills? Be a craft legend and build (or purchase) a drawer solution for under your bed – that’s a bigger commitment but a really terrific use of space and a fabulous DIY bedroom storage idea.

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2. Above the doorway

Installing wall-mounted shelves above your bedroom’s entry is another nifty bedroom storage idea. Picture: Getty

There’s generally an area above your bedroom doorway that can be turned into an incredibly useful bookshelf. This area is great for books but also great for some items like hats, bags, and any items you don’t mind putting out on display.

Paint and decorate it nicely and it becomes a piece of art in your room as well as that extra storage space you’ve been longing for.

3. Creative furniture ideas

It’s no secret that Ikea is king for bedroom storage furniture. Picture: Ikea

What’s your bedhead and bedside table situation like? Many companies now build extra storage directly into their bedheads. Drawers and shelves are incorporated into the design and provide extra space that looks good and is functional.

If you’re not interested in replacing your bedhead, could you move the entire bed away from the wall? If so, there’s plenty of space there for items that can be stored against the wall.

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4. Use your doors

Don’t drape things over the chair, floor or bed – hooks behind doors are a neat bedroom storage idea. Picture: Getty

What’s behind your door? Don’t let the extra space go to waste and instead go for the over-the-door shoe storage system.  And, while we like them for shoes, they can be used for so many different purposes.

Extra shoes, scarves, jewellery and small clothing items fit nicely in the compartments. Depending on what you need to store, this is a great and often-overlooked place to store things, providing easy-to-access storage and a place for items that you can quickly and easily see and retrieve.

5. Don’t forget the corners!

If you don’t want to buy storage boxes, why not use wooden crates as a way to store your books? It’s a stylish and functional DIY bedroom storage idea. Picture: Getty

Corner spaces are sometimes tricky for furniture but they’re great for hanging planters from ceilings. Yes, put a plant in one of the shelving units of a hanging planter but also think about what else you could store there.

Corners can be a focus of attention in a room so be careful not to overload planters but rather use them sparingly for smaller items that you use regularly like your jewellery.

Finding extra storage in a bedroom doesn’t have to be hard.

The first step in organising is to let go of those things that you don’t need, use or love. After that, check out the space you have and take a really good look around. Give yourself room to be creative.

I look forward to hearing what extra storage you find as well!

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