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8 ways to upgrade your bathroom without the hassle of a renovation


Low on cash and time? Here are some ways you can spruce up your bathroom without that worry!


As much as we’d all love to renovate our home to give it a style reset every time we tire of it, in reality, it is just not sustainable—or budget friendly. Luckily, there are many other ways you can spruce up parts of your house with just the little things. Even rearranging the furniture in your bedroom can give it a refreshing change!

However, it’s not as easy to rearrange furniture within your bathroom. Throw in the fact that most city-dwellers don’t have much space to work with, and you might find yourself stuck in a rut.

But worry not—there are always ways around things, which is why we’re here to show you how you can upgrade your bathroom without resorting to a full-scale renovation.

1. Repainting

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Painting is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to give new life to your bathroom or any other rooms in your house. While it may be tempting to just pick a colour that you’re currently into, there are several things you need to keep in mind when selecting a new colour for your bathroom. For example, is your bathroom big or small? If it’s small, then painting it in a darker colour might make the space feel smaller—likewise for the opposite. Does your bathroom get much natural light? If it does, then feel free to experiment with both dark and light colours.

Also, think of the psychology behind colours. Certain colours have been associated to boost certain moods. Think of how a certain colour makes you feel, and whether or not you want to be surrounded by it as you’re in the shower.

2. Removable wallpapers and wall decals

Not a fan of paint fumes? Then, another simple way to refresh your bathroom walls is with removable wallpaper or even simple wall decals. Wallpapers have come a far way now, beyond the old gaudy designs. Now, there are even simple and minimalistic designs that will please the Scandi interior enthusiast in you.

As for the wall decals, you can find many different kinds of designs online that range from sophisticated ones to calligraphy quotes that will remind you of the best things in life as you get ready for your day in the bathroom. Plus, they’re relatively cheap and easily customisable, which is a good thing if you’re renting your home.

3. Add plants

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Indoor plants are all the rage right now. We’ve gone from a generation who thinks gardening is an old person’s hobby to indulging in it and stocking up on plant babies until our homes are literally a greenhouse. So why not extend that plant space into your bathroom?

Any variety of small house plants can look good in your bathroom space. From tiny succulents on your sink to a money plant by your shower window, a little bit of green is bound to improve any space. If you can afford to have bigger, floor-based plants in your bathroom, then go for it!

Don’t have any sunlight in your bathroom? No worries. There are many house plants that don’t require sunlight to thrive: Chinese Evergreens, Cast Iron plants, Peperomias, Philodendrons, Snake plants, and more.

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4. Change your lighting

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As much as we love natural lighting in a bathroom, you will still need to use the bathroom once it’s sundown. Lighting is an extremely important part of any room in the house. If your existing bathroom light is too dim or too harsh that you wind up looking different after putting on makeup in there, then it’s time to switch it to something more flattering.

Choose a lightbulb that has warm lighting rather than a cool white one, as these tend to look more flattering on your skin. If possible, more lighting options within the bathroom is always better, so that the light reaches all parts of the bathroom.

If you’re happy with your existing light options but want to change things up, then consider getting a different light fixture. With so many different designs available in the market, feel free to experiment with different ones that will suit your overall home aesthetic.

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5. Add shelving 

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If you have a dedicated shower area and an overall dry bathroom with some space, why not consider getting some shelving put up in there? You could either get wall-mounted shelves installed above your sink or toilet bowl area, or get one of those trendy ladder shelves where you can hang your towels and perhaps a plant? These extra spaces could be utilised to put more decorations, from multi-purpose woven baskets to your favourite perfume bottles.

6. Upgrade your shower curtain

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Does your bathroom have a bathtub instead of a shower area? Lucky you! Shower curtains don’t have to be plain white—you can jazz it up with cute and quirky prints, such as this one. It’s definitely one of the better options to change within your bathroom, especially if you haven’t changed your shower curtains in a while.

7. Upgrade your taps

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Have you been using the same fixtures in your bathroom since you moved in? Chances are, if you didn’t give your home a complete renovation when you first bought it, you’re using the same supplied taps for your home. No wonder you’re feeling drab about it!

Changing your taps can be easier than you think. Ikea already has a wide array of choices that range from practical and basic to modern and sleek. In no time you’ll be wishing you could wash your hands more often with your beautiful new tap.

8. Try new mirrors

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Never underestimate the power of what a new mirror can do, despite how simple the idea may seem. If you’re guilty of using the same tiled Ikea mirror for the sake of convenience, try perusing other options of purchasing furniture online for some interesting, Nordic-looking ones that can seriously give your bathroom a major style update.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ways of hanging your mirror. Gone are the days when mirrors are only meant to be stuck on walls. Now, there are hanging mirrors as well as mirrors that are designed to be propped against the wall.

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