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Art of downsizing


Art of Downsizing

Those who love living in small apartments may find it hard to retain some of the luxuries in a home. However, advancement in technology proves that appliances and gadgets can get smaller to blend in with the interior.

Here are 10 home appliances that are designed for tiny areas or comes with more than one function to replace common household items!


Do away with the classic gas cooktops and get a portable induction cooker. It is efficient because the heat is directly transferred to the pan or pot so no energy is lost. This also adds a modern feel to the kitchen thanks to the digital display that clearly shows the cooking time and state. From here on, you can start making your culinary delights at ease.


When you want to dry clothes, you need to dedicate a space at home or even look around the clutter in order to make room for it. Therefore, the washer dryer combo machine is very popular as you don’t need to worry about space and even the lack of sunlight. With this dual function, your clothes will be clean and dry.


A bulky vacuum cleaner is a thing of the past when you get yourself a robot vacuum cleaner. Not only small but very functional and automated. You can set a schedule for this portable cleaner and it will start on its own and even charge itself as soon as the battery gets low. Further, after a few times using it, the robot vacuum cleaner will automatically map the room to find an efficient cleaning path.


You can never go wrong with extra storage space as these things can be a lifesaver as the things you keep at home grows. Therefore, to work with small spaces, having a storage bed frame is convenient and practical. By lifting the slatted base, it will reveal extra room to stock your stuff. Not only that, its design can easily blend into the bedroom instead of random things sticking out.


Having small refrigerators are great for small apartments as they are ideal to keep drinks, snacks as well as perishable items for a few days. Sure, it falls short of the full-size ones but with some management, it can go a long way. Further, this is better than the cube mini-fridge as those only tend to store limited food and drinks.


Get a big-screen view without relying on television by using a portable projector. This means you can even scale the display size to fit the audience. Even better, you can easily move the portable projector due to its small size and that means watching shows in the living room or master bedroom. Its bright bulb also ensures that you get a clear image and incredible colour accuracy.



If you need to work or just browse the Internet on a bigger screen, you can get yourself a laptop. Unlike a desktop that needs a monitor, keyboard and mouse, the laptop doesn’t need a lot of room. Further, this will keep things organised as you don’t have to worry about messy wires. With computer processors getting better every year, you can bet that the laptop can handle daily tasks.


Having high-fidelity (hi-fi) speakers is cumbersome as it needs a lot of room, setting up and adjustments. Take a shortcut by using a wireless speaker. What’s important is that it offers decent clarity and plays music loudly without too much distortion. Using a cylinder design, the speaker blasts music in all direction that allows it to entertain more people at the same time.
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