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8 CNY Decor You Can Gongxi DIY


8 CNY Decor You Can Gongxi DIYHere are some project ideas that should help cut cost AND make your home look fab:

1. Toilet Paper Tube Firecrackers

These are really easy to DIY. Simply gather toilet paper tubes (don’t forget to remove bits of tissue) and paint them red or even wind red ribbon around them. For smaller firecrackers, opt for small Smarties candy tube or kitchen towel tubes for bigger ones.

2. Cherry Blossom Art

What better way to spruce up a house for the lunar new year than to decorate it with cherry blossom art? All you need is some paper, pink paint and the back of a soda bottle (vary the sizes if you wish).

3. Cherry Blossom Lantern

Got a plain white Ikea paper lantern hanging around? Turn it into an elegant yet contemporary cherry blossom lantern. No instructions needed, just a little patience and drawing mojo.

4. Tangerine Candle

The next time you dig into a pile of sweet mandarin oranges, do save the peels after consuming the delectable flesh within. Half the citrus, and fill the bottom half with some olive oil. The little pip sticking out from the bottom would be the candle wick, so let it soak in said oil before lighting it.

5. Post-Xmas Oriental Wreath

If you have wreaths leftover from your Christmas decorating frenzy, it’s time to upcycle them. Add some cherry or peony blossoms, angpows and prosperity coins, and there you go, a wonderfully festive Chinese New Year wreath that would immensely brighten up any household.

6. Rooster Art

Welcome the year of the venerable Rooster together with your kids with this delightful rooster art DIY. All you need is acrylic paint and a couple of plastic forks, and you can breathe life into this beautiful rooster in no time.

7. Handmade Hand Fan 

Here’s a quick and simple way to DIY a hand fan ornament for Chinese New Year. You can even use leftover angpow packets.

8. Edible Decor: Deviled Egg Chicks

To usher in the Year of the Rooster, here are some delectable deviled egg chicks, which not only serve as decor, but edible ones too. Mmm…

If you’ve got your decor game down pat, perhaps you’d want to work on your homeowner’s new year resolutions next? Tell us your inspirations and how you aim to make this new year an awesome one!

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