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7 ways to make your home feel bigger on a budget


We all battle to find more space in our homes. We want a cleaner look. We want more storage options. Being minimalist at home is a great way to start creating more room, with less stuff

Here are seven ways to transform your home, on a small budget, so it feels bigger, brighter and better than ever.

1. Lighten your walls

Darker rooms absorb light, instead of reflecting it. Fact. So, a fresh coat of light/white coloured paint can work wonders for a small space. It won’t hurt the hip pocket to update your walls, either.

If the colour of your rooms needs an update, try choosing a warm white, that doesn’t throw too much yellow onto the decor. Crisp, white hues will establish a more spacious feel, immediately.

Don’t be afraid to then paint out a feature wall, to create some additional depth in the room.

If the budget permits, lightening your floors will also give the impression of a larger room.

A fresh coat of white paint can work wonders for a small space, says Chelsea. Picture: Eugene Hyland

2. Spring clean year-round

New Year is not the only time for a cleanout. It might sound like an obvious piece of advice but look critically at your space (throughout the year) and be honest with what can be thrown out to physically make more room for what matters.

Wherever there’s a bench space (bathroom, kitchen, entrance) make sure it stays clear. That area will automatically feel bigger.

To get the sorting process started, try reading a minimalist novel (they’re very on-trend right now).

Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: The Japanese Art is a handy book. She shares tips on how to have a clutter-free and clear home, which apparently leads to a much clearer mind, too. Bonus.

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A clean, fresh room feels brighter and bigger. Picture: Erinna Giblin

3. Storage solutions

Think about all the things in your home that you use sparingly. Hairdryers, beauty products, certain food within your pantry and cleaning products. Pack them away neatly, rather than leaving them out. This sort of mess only creates clutter.

For the wardrobe, try vacuum-packing clothes and bulky coats that you’re not wearing. Do the same with your shoe collection, to free up space.

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Utilising the top section of your wardrobe (invest in a small step that can live outside) is also a good way to make your wardrobe appear more spacious.

If you have under-bed storage use it wisely to store awkward-shaped items, like umbrellas.

Think about how you can utilise furniture to store items, too. Coffee tables with detachable tops (for storing blankets), end-of-bed ottomans that double as storage for clothes and multi-level coffee tables (where magazines can go underneath) are handy ways to deal with clutter.

This nifty storage unit is handy in the bathroom. Picture: Eugene Hyland

4. Rugs rule

Is the colour of your carpet cramping your style? Invest in a neutral-coloured rug that anchors your furniture.

A small rug placed under a coffee table will make the lounge room appear smaller. A larger rug positioned under the couch, however, will open the space up. Make sure the front two legs (at least) of the sofa are planted on the rug.

A large rug positioned under the front two legs of your couch will open the space up. Picture: Lucas Muro

Another good tip to create spaciousness is to pull your couch off the wall and make sure it’s sitting as a stand-alone piece.

Affordable rugs can be found at Bunnings, Spotlight and Fantastic Furniture.

5. Side tables vs. coffee table

We’re big fans of nesting side tables for a stylish space-saving solution. Picture: Eugene Hyland

If your lounge doesn’t allow the space for a central coffee table, try some smaller side tables, placed at the end of your couch.

This is still a functional option and will give you more room to move.

6. Pick a limited palette

A bright, busy colour palette in any space will crowd the area and make it appear smaller than what it really is.

Try establishing a neutral base (white or grey, for example) and choosing one or two feature colours that work well together.

Simply changing the colours in the room can make a massive difference to the perception of its size.

Grey is a great anchor colour. Picture: Eugene Hyland

7. Statement furniture is paramount

Look at your lounge room. Are there several smaller pieces of furniture and more than one lounge chair?

A couch (in one piece) and a statement table can really help to cement the size of the room versus having lots of different pieces of furniture.

Don’t be afraid of one large sofa in a small space. Picture: Curious Grace

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