5 tips to finding the perfect rental home

Is your rental lease about to expire? Follow these methods to secure a new property which you would never want to move out from. 


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So you’re thinking of looking for a place to rent? Whether you are renting for the first time or rethinking your current living situation, the process of searching for a rental home can be time-consuming. With the current market situation, many are thinking of renting first before actually owning property. While many of them are in their early adulthood, there are also a fair amount of families, empty nesters and seniors who are opting to rent.

Now, we understand how exciting it can be to find a place you want to call your dream home but finding one that fits your bill can be a difficult task if you’re not properly prepared. Having said that, here are five tips that may help you in securing that dream rental home.

    #1 Start early

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    We all know that nothing good comes out of last minute preparation. The same goes for property hunting. When it comes to rental properties, it’s true that the early bird catches the worm. Begin your search early to improve your chances of finding the perfect home.

    Experts say that it is best to start searching 60 days before you need to move, especially if you are looking for a rental property where there isn’t as much available. If you have the time to start earlier, we suggest do it as you might have better options and the time to pick the house that’s closest to your heart.

    #2 Prioritise your needs and wants

    via GIPHYWe are all fond of fancy extras, like a spa bath or a walk-in closet, but don’t let these things take your attention away from what will really matter when you move in. Always know your needs and wants before listing down your dealbreakers. Things to consider are the size of the unit, the location and proximity to public transport and the pet policy, for those of you who have furry loved ones.

    Once you have crossed out these necessities in your checklist, then you may think about some of those extras you would love to have to help narrow your search, like a fully-equipped kitchen or bathtub.

    #3 Begin online but don’t rely on it

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    It is a known fact that most renters will start house hunting online, especially the urban crowd. It is convenient in the sense of you being able to narrow down options according to pricing and apartment amenities. However, if you are moving to a new city, looking online won’t tell you enough about neighbourhoods and the local amenities, such as public transportation or grocery stores.

    You can try getting a feel of the area via Google maps but it is best to back up your research by visiting the area so you can drive around the neighbourhood to see if you actually like it.

    #4 Get some insight

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    So you found a residential property that you like. But before sealing the deal, we advise you talk to the current tenants and/or potential neighbours to find out things like how accessible the landlord is in the event of problems arising, what repairs, if any need to be done to the property and whether the couple next door likes to throw loud parties.

    These kind of information are crucial because you don’t want to live in an environment that’s not peaceful for you, even if you like the property. Previous tenants will surely be more than happy to share things with you if you are willing to ask.

    #5 Be diligent and follow through 

    via GIPHYWhen it comes to securing a unit, renting is a different ball game compared to buying a house. The former requires considerable legwork and numerous property viewings while the latter only requires you to put down the booking fee or earnest deposit first.

    This is why once you have finally found a place you are interested in, you should not dilly dally or take the following steps lightly. Immediately confirm your interest – It typically takes two to three days for a real estate agent to approve your rental application.

    You don’t want to risk losing a place you really love because you didn’t prepare the deposit amount or you couldn’t track down your old landlord for a reference. Ensure you have everything prepared and is available to receive calls from real estate agents ahead of time.