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5 things you should know before investing in a property


Knowing what to look for is the key to making good investment decisions.

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It is said that most of the world richest acquire their wealth through real estate investment.
You may have received sage advice from your parents or even your closest friends on the importance of property investment as a hedge against inflation or as the most secure investment plan for your retirement.

It isn’t surprising as property investment comes with its advantages as a long-term investment plan and as an overall strategy to begin building wealth. While these are obvious benefits of investing in property, there are other things to consider before taking the property investment plunge.

1. Is the developer reputable?

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Selecting the right developer can be the straw that broke the camel’s back when it comes to buying a property in Malaysia. One thing to be proud of is that Malaysia is home to many property development firms with good standing.

However, the sheer number of small-time, boutique and subsidiary that materialize every so often makes it difficult to when it comes to filtering those with less than favourable reputation.

Look for developers with good development records and pay a visit to their past projects to get a gauge of their quality and standards.

©Henna Residence in Wangsa Maju

Carefully choosing the right property developer affects everything from your new home’s standards of finishing, to the timeliness of its delivery, and most importantly its capital appreciation potential.

A reputable developer always strives hard to ensure quality in all areas of construction – from using the best materials to practising the right methods, and design aesthetics to structural nuances. In Malaysia, Beverly group not only construct buildings with sleek and contemporary architecture, but they also make sure that the units designed are practical and timeless.

On top of that, with reputable partners such as Singapore’s Mapletree, Surbana Jurong and Hong Kong’s Lai Sun Group as well as the success of their past projects, these are clear indicators of Beverly Group’s reputation and financial strength.

Most importantly, selecting a developer with strong financial standing would minimize the risk of having your liquid asset stuck in a project that would later become abandoned.

2. Is the property well-connected?

train station, KL SENTRAL
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Beyond concrete and steel, connectivity of a location is irrefutably one of the main factors that make an area liveable. The golden rule to making a good investment is to find things that make you head over heels with the location. It should sync with your current needs and make you gravitate towards it.

Pull factors such as excellent connectivity A-grade infrastructures boost property demand among investors and buyers, which in turn contributes to steady capital appreciation and the increase of rental yield.

New developments like Henna Residence offers a contemporary setting and lifestyle where amenities are within reach. It sits in the thriving suburb of Wangsa Maju and is accessible via DUKE, AKLEH and the upcoming SPE highway. Located in Northern KL, it is one of the city’s biggest townships and surrounded by other matured areas like Setapak, Taman Melati, and Gombak.

Not just that, this new residence is approximately 7km away from KL downtown and 1.3km away from the Sri Rampai LRT station. It ensures an optimal balance of a fast, convenient commute to the city centre and other parts of the Klang Valley.

Properties around the corner from the mainline trains stations would surely add value to its capital growth due to the demand from property buyers. There is a demand from people to live a few blocks away from the mainline train stations as it offers a seamless rush hour commute. It further eases the traffic volume, especially during peak hours.

3. Do the facilities reflect a modern lifestyle?

Electronic lockers in Henna Residence to receive and drop-off parcel

Properties that boast excellent facilities have the advantage when it comes to price appreciation compared to those that lack. Particularly, younger buyers who are drawn to the lifestyle aspects of a property and how it could complement their modern city life yet draw them away from the hustle and bustle.

Henna Residence found the perfect way to marry these two concepts with the implementation of modern facilities in a resort-like ambience. The property feature a modern concierge with electronic lockers, which makes it convenient for the residents to receive and drop-off parcel when there’s no one at home.

4. Is the unit design flexible?

©Henna Residence in Wangsa Maju

Most of the high-rise apartments or buildings do not allow alteration the wall position in the unit. However, Henna Residence is one of the few developments with a feature that allows you to easily remove or install the walls in your property to cater for different lifestyle needs.

This gives flexibility to those who have changing needs with the property. For example, you can rent out a two-bedroom unit now and convert it into a one-bedroom for more living space in the future.

Above all, this luxury residence holds a Freehold title. The land tenure is indefinite to an individual. Thus, the owners face fewer limitations if the property is to be passed down from generation to generation. This could be one of the preferred properties as freehold perceived perpetuity in the title.

5. Is the unit rentable?

While all these factors listed are important, the most crucial question to answer is if the property can fetch a good rental value. According to Savills’ research, a good investment property should be able to fetch about 4 to 4.7% rental yield, especially those located in the fringe of the city. Therefore, areas such as Wangsa Maju could fetch good rental due to its proximity to the city centre and major MNCs.

Thinking of buying a property within the vicinity of Wangsa Maju?
Check out Beverly Group’s latest freehold development, Henna Residence. For more details about this exclusive freehold property, visit Henna Residence Website or call 018-777 3456.

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