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5 low maintenance indoor plants for the busy beavers


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Wondering what indoor plants work best under limited sunlight, water and basically human effort? Check out this list!

We get it, caring for another life form can be a challenging task for go-getters and jet-setters like us. What’s more, as urbanites the majority of us opt to live in condominiums or serviced residences which could make having beautiful decorative plants that last and thrive at home impossible unless it is your intention to have them replaced every month or so.

However, not all greenery requires a lot of exposure to sunlight and daily watering; there are plants that require very little maintenance, attention, and yet help to beautify your living space. Some go as far as help you maintain healthy, flawless skin — and if that doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will. For those of you seeking stress-free greenery options, here are a few to consider:

1. Pothos

You can put these tough little guys in a pot or let it hang from the ceiling. It can thrive with close to no sunlight at all and the lower the light, the less variation of colour your plant will have. You don’t have to worry about tending to it every day either, it only requires watering once a week, so back off with that watering can, buddy. This plant also demands very little in terms of air quality, on the contrary, helps absorb toxins from its surroundings. You only need to trim it every once in a while to avoid it from overgrowing.

2.  Aloe

This succulent plant contains medicinal properties that can be used to treat minor burns, cuts, blemishes and cold sores. Unlike Pothos, Aloe requires natural, indirect sunlight to grow healthily, thus placing it close to the window would be most ideal and make sure to rotate it every six months. While it does not demand to be watered daily due to its ability to store water in its roots and leaves, make sure to hydrate it thoroughly every 2-3 weeks depending on the weather condition. Overwatering may lead to the plant dying—such is the ease that comes with greenery that is not a big fan of hydration.

3. Spider plant

©Bozhena Melnyk | 123rf

These babies may not be the easiest plant in the list in terms of maintenance, but it is definitely the easiest to propagate. Ideal for the Malaysian climate as they grow best in bright, indirect sunlight, this plant needs just enough water to thrive so keep the watering to only several times a week. The spider plants have been found to be effective in removing formaldehyde and other toxins such as carbon monoxide. With just a little effort you get to breathe clean fresh hair on a daily basis without the need of an air purifier. As they grow out and cascade beautifully, they are best displayed by hanging them off an awning or beam.

4. Peace Lily

Curving white blossoms and dark leaves are only a small part of what makes this plant extremely attractive. These pretty babies are also known as closet plants, for one reason: they enjoy medium to low light and the amount of light they receive will determine what it looks like. For lovely white spathes and flowers, place them under bright light, and if you want them to look more like a traditional foliage plant, keep them out of light. It prefers to be under-watered, so you don’t have to religiously water them. Check to see if the soil is dry about once a week to know if it needs watering.

5. Snake plant

©Katarzyna Białasiewicz | 123rf

The award for most tolerant indoor plant definitely goes to the snake plant. Also, known as the mother-in-law’s tongue’, this plant needs straight forward care: water every two to three weeks and keep under minimal light. Much like the other indoor plants, snake plants also help keep the air inside your home clean by removing toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene. It survives in any room temperature and if you’re lucky, you may catch a flower sprouting from it.

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