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5 easy ways to increase storage around the home


Small space living has its benefits. It’s generally less expensive and often allows you to live closer to, or within, the city. The common downside, however, is the issue of storage space.

First and foremost, the key is to cut down the amount of ‘stuff’ you own. Ideally, all that should remain are the items that you either use often or love so much they make you do a happy dance.

Beyond that, you’ll need some easy ways to create extra storage around the home:

1. Get hooked

S hooks are a great way to increase hanging space. For example, a few S hooks hung on a single bathroom rail will accommodate three to four towels, where you might otherwise only have room for one.

S hooks are a small living dweller’s dream. Picture: Erinna Giblin

2. Go vertical

Storing your cooking utensils vertically in baskets or vases on your benchtops can free up an entire kitchen drawer. You can also try this with your cutlery.

Store your go-to cooking utensils in a jar to free up drawer space. Picture: Erinna Giblin

3. Use baskets and crates

If cupboard space is an issue, wire baskets are a very on-trend way to store bed linens and towels on display. To create a seamless, layered look display towels with the folds on the outside, and store sheet sets in their pillowcases and stack the items from largest to smallest or in colour shades.

If cupboard space is an issue, wire baskets are a beautiful storage solution. Picture: Erinna Giblin

Old, wooden wine crates can also be used in a multitude of ways to create extra storage space. They are great for storing books and also work well as eclectic bedside or end tables. Simply place vertically beside the couch to accommodate a cup of tea in lieu of a bulky coffee table.

4. Hooks and hanging

A peg rail by the front door is a great way to store coats and hats to free up wardrobe space. Peg rails can even be used to store household cleaning tools such as brooms and half brushes if you are lacking in laundry cupboard space.

A pinterest-y way to store your cleaning is to display them on a peg rail. Picture: Erinna Giblin

Overall, the trick to creating extra storage space while maintaining a stylish home is to ensure that everything is pleasing to the eye. Items made from natural fibres are preferred over their plastic counterparts, as these can be displayed openly without sacrificing aesthetic quality.

Think: wooden brooms and scrubbing brushes over their plastic ones, cute jars for pantry staples, like tea and sugar, and matching linens, which all work to accessorise a room.

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