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5 budget-friendly nursery tips


Preparing for a baby can be a handful! Good news, you’ve got two hands and this guide to help you create the best nursery ever. 

You’ve got a baby on the way! Hooray! Congratulations! Mazel Tov! Do you have the baby’s nursery ready? No? Okay, don’t panic! Yes, I know it’s expensive. Yes, I know you have a lot of other expenses to think about – I mean there’s this kid’s college fees to think of in the future! 

Don’t worry! What I’ve got here is a list of simple tips and tricks to do up your baby’s room with as little cost as possible while still looking and feeling amazing! So, without further ado, here are some budget-friendly, fun, and funky tips.

Buy Second Hand!

I know, I know. Your precious dumpling — this new little human — should not be placed on or near anything but the best! You can definitely splurge with the sheets and the clothing, the soft toys they’ll hug and the blocks they’ll inevitably end up chewing. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with getting a pretty lamp, bookshelf, the baby’s dresser and a rocking chair that’s “like new”. 

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Preloved items are just that, items that were loved – and can still be loved. 

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Think Long-Term

Babies grow. Really quick. So there’s really no reason to spend on items that you will use for less than a year or two! Instead, think of how you can get long-term use items. Read on for a few of my top picks. 

Storage space…or a table? © 123rf

A diaper cart that actually just uses a normal rolling storage cart. A three-in-one convertible crib that can transform into a toddler bed as your child grows. A changing table that can later work as a workstation/play desk/study table! And my favourite? A trunk to first fit in baby’s extra clothes, diapers, toys – which can later still store their items and then even later on become a coffee table! 

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Get Crafty

You want your baby’s nursery to look cute, heavenly, warm, welcoming, safe, fun – that’s a whole lot of adjectives that could lead to a whole lot of bills with big numbers. Here’s a recipe to keep those adjectives without the big numbers: A spoonful of creativity, a dollop of love and some “DIY” googling! 

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I’m imagining an enchanted forest theme with this DIY mobile, what about you?

Build or create your own wooden play gym, fluffy pom-pom rugs and a baby mobile! Or repurpose ready-made items like a hanging shoe organiser (perfect to sort baby’s smaller items) and if you’re not a new parent – if this is baby number 2 or 3 – consider using some of the older baby hand-me-down clothes as material for a new patchwork quilt for the glider or nursing chair! If you’re good with pencils or brushes, sketch/paint something and frame it up!

Animal paintings! This certainly koala-fies as a good decor for a baby nursery! © 123rf

Say No to Baby Bedding

Did you know baby bedding is actually unsafe for your little one? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, all your baby actually needs a firm, well-fitting mattress, a thin, waterproof mattress cover and simple swaddle wrap! 

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So don’t bother with all the extra pillows and crib bumpers, fluffy blankets, the fifty-seven stuffed toys and teddy bears we know you want to have but don’t need. Stay safe instead – and save some cash at the same time!

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Pick a style or a theme

This doesn’t just help you stay cohesive with the design – it gives you laser focus when shopping for your nursery. You’ll be able to look away from that adorably whimsical looking circus tent canopy when you know your theme is cheerful night skies and puffy clouds for your little dreamer. 

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Who doesn’t love an animal-themed room?

And there are loads of themes to choose from! Think of your favourite colour, your favourite time of the day, your favourite storybook growing up, your favourite country, even your favourite decade! 

And Here’s a Few More Tips

Anything and everything for the little one! © 123rf

Don’t worry about having a huge, spacey room. Your baby needs lots of love and a little space – just keep things airy and open by staying uncluttered and neat with only the essentials. Instead of a fancy, expensive painted murals – opt for a one-coloured wall and stick on some choice decals that you can remove easily and change over time. In fact, babies are on their backs quite a bit so think of using those decals on the ceiling too! You could also DIY your own black-out curtains, hang photos from a clothesline to decorate an empty wall or just stick up your kid’s name – it’s simple, clean, and minimalistic

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