5 affordable properties in Klang Valley with easy access to LRT

With at least 10 affordable housing programmes initiated by the government, the Klang Valley has many pockets of areas for affordable properties near the LRT

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In Klang Valley where prices are sky-high, properties with easy access to train stations are among the least affordable assets. Many homeowners forge out their entire life savings to buy a comfortable home. In the past couple of years, the government has designed several affordable housing programmes such as PR1MA, RUMAWIP and many more in a bid to help Malaysians to own their first property.

Recently, private developers have joined the rank in providing the nation with more affordable options.  However, affordable homes, more often than not – they are located in the outskirts of Klang Valley such as Kajang and Rawang.

Travelling to KL downtown is a stretch while there are not so many options for public transportation. This is the reason why no matter how wallet-friendly the prices are, most people would hesitate to purchase these properties unless they are located in the popular neighbourhood such as Bangsar or TTDI.

Now, with private developers being part of the plan, it seems likely that more Malaysians will be able to afford a house at key areas. But are there private developers offering affordable housing?

We first need to know what exactly defines affordable housing?  Based on a report in The Star, with a national median monthly household income at RM5, 228, houses that would be considered affordable would cost around RM188,000, or three times a household’s median annual income. Using the estimation of cost, affordable homes would be priced in the range between Rm 200,00 to RM 250, 000.

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It sounds like an impossible dream, but all is not lost. There are still some affordable gems in the city where you can shop around and get a foothold. We’ve scoped out 5 affordable properties in the Klang Valley with easy access to LRT and the prices you can expect there.

Let’s get started!

1. Vista OUG @ Residensi Platinum OUG

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Vista OUG is located at Kampung Muhibbah, Mukim Petaling. It is a 34-storey single building condominium made up of 660 units. 220 units are limited to RUMAWIP while 440 units are at a normal price. Just like any condominium, Vista OUG has facilities like jogging track, swimming pool, wading pool, car parks, gymnasium as well as 24-hour security. Besides, it is about 18km away from KL downtown and is served by Muhibbah LRT station.

Price:  RM 299, 000

Date of completion: 30 Jun 2021

Built up size: 850 sf

Getting around: The nearest train station is Muhibbah LRT station. It is only a hop, skip and jump (450 m) away from the property while walking to the train station is only 6 minutes. From platform 1, Sri Petaling LRT Line goes to Sentul Timur and Ampang via Chan Sow Lin while platform 2 heads to Putra Heights, which is one of the stops for the Kelana Jaya Line.

Properties near Vista OUG:

2. Vista Langkawi @ Residensi PV18

Vista Langkawi is part of a RUMAWIP project at Jalan Langkawi, Setapak. This condominium is made up of three blocks – A, B and C. With 398 units, the entire block C is open for RUMAWIP applicants. This 33-storey condominium building has facilities like a laundry room, café, and a common area. Not just that, Vista Langkawi is located in a strategic layout as amenities like PV128, Columbia Hospital, Setapak Central Mall and Platinum Walk are within reach.

Price:  RM 300, 000

Date of completion: 31 December 2021

Built up size: 926 sf

Getting around: The closest LRT station is Taman Melati, which about 3km away and about 10 minutes’ drive from the apartment. This station lies on the Kelana Jaya Line.

Properties near Vista Langkawi:

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3. Vista Wirajaya 2 @ Residensi PV9

Vista Wirajaya 2 is another RUMAWIP project in Setapak for you to look for! This 21-storey condominium offers 105 units for eligible Malaysians to apply. It comes with a swimming pool, playground, convenience shop and a lot more.

On top of that, the location is strategic as Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARC) is only a stone’s throw away while the closest LRT station is Taman Melati. Besides, KL City Centre is about a 30-minute drive away from Vista Wirajaya 2 and is connected via Jalan Genting-Kelang and Jalan Tun Razak.

Price:  RM 300, 000

Date of completion: 31 December 2020

Built up size: 850 sf

Getting around: Taman Melati LRT station is 600 m away and it’s only a 3 minutes’ drive from the property. Commuters can also take RapidKL bus services from the station:

  • T205: Taman Melati LRT Station- Wangsa Maju LRT Station – Danau Kota
  • T226: Taman Melati LRT Station – Taman Melewar
  • U5: Lebuh Ampang – Jalan Gombak – Taman Melati LRT Station

Properties near Vista Wirajaya 2:

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4. Residensi Akasia Permaisuri

Residensi Akasia Permaisuri is located at Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras. This project consists of 200 condominium units in a single 24-storey building. This low-density condominium has many facilities within its proximity such as UKM Hospital, Taman Tasik Permaisuri, as well as clinics, banks, commercial centre, and restaurants.

Price:  RM 300, 000

Date of completion: 31 June 2021

Built up size: 807 sf

Getting around: This condominium has easy access to the Sungai Besi Expressway, East-West Link Expressway, and MEX. The closest train station is Cheras LRT station that is 1.1 km (3 minutes’ drive) away from the property. Besides that, it is one of the stops for Sri Petaling-Sentul Timur Line. This line merges with the Ampang bound line and stops at Chan Sow Lin LRT station for interchange to other intercity destinations.

Properties near Residensi Akasia Permaisuri:


5. Ritz Communities @ Salak South

Bus lanes at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS). © Arne Müseler/ Wikipedia

Don’t let your dream to own a first home diminished. Check out Ritz Communities for affordable housing as RUMAWIP offers 1,120 units for eligible first-time home buyers. This condominium consists of two blocks and it is located in a prime area. Furthermore, Salak South is adjacent to other townships like Cheras and Sungai Besi, plus it has easy access to highways such as BESRAYA and KL – Seremban Highway. Not just that, this condominium also has facilities like swimming pool, gymnasium, playground and a lot more.

Price:  RM 300, 000

Date of completion: 31 December 2020

Built up size: 800 sf

Getting around: The closest train station is Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT station. It is located 3.8 km away from the property or a 6-minute drive. Furthermore, the station is connected to the public transportation hub, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS). This integrated terminal connects

  • Ampang Line LRT to other parts of KL city centre
  • KTM Bandar Tasik Selatan
  • ERL KLIA Transit
  • Buses to southern destinations including Singapore

Properties near Ritz Communities:

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The government has made it possible for many first-time home buyers to get a foothold. With the affordable housing programmes, the younger generations especially have many opportunities to own comfortable home at decent locations, as well as easy connectivity. Check out iProperty.com, my for more affordable residential properties in Malaysia near the train stations and don’t forget to calculate your DSR first using LoanCare!

NOTE: Distances to amenities listed are calculated using Google Maps, while exact coordinates of each project were obtained from the individual RUMAWIP project’s website page