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4 ways to create the illusion of space in your bedroom


When designing the bedroom of your dreams, there are a few things that you should consider.

First things, first: when designing your dream bedroom, look at the location of it in relation to the flow of traffic through the house and the outside environment as this may impact the design details you include. All these somewhat little considerations can make a huge impact so planning is certainly key!

If you are working with a smaller space, there are a few tricks of the trade you should follow to create a better illusion of space. Let the Design Duo Alisa and Lysandra, tell all…

1. Select the right-sized furniture

Make sure you get the floor plan right. A good place to start is by working out the position of your bed. From there you should determine what other key pieces you want to include in your bedroom. For example, how many bedside tables do you want to include? Do you want to include added storage such as a chest of drawers?

In the second bedroom of our Albert Park renovation we incorporated a large feature window from A&L Windows and built out a box seat which was cladded in stunning oak flooring from Kustom Timber across the entire wall facing out to the garden. This not only made the room feel larger but also gave it a sense of tranquillity. We think this outlook is one of the best features in the house.

Alisa and Lysandra built out a stylish and functional box seat in this bedroom, which creates the illusion of more space and looks the part, too. © Lisa Cohen Photography

If you already have a small room, avoid small or insignificant pieces as they will only emphasise the lack of space and make it look too busy.

If you are lucky enough to have a high ceiling, then you should look at adding a headboard to add balance and proportion to the room.

2. Create light through mirrors and windows

Lighting is such an important part of your design and needs to be well considered from the very beginning. It plays a massive part in creating ambience and functionality. If you’re stuck with small windows, consider resizing them or installing a skylight to let as much natural light into your bedroom as possible.

A large amount of consideration really needs to go into ensuring you select the correct window dressings throughout the entire home, not just the bedroom. Some window dressings purely offer privacy while others come custom-designed with insulation properties and sound absorption. We used the Duette Shades in Black Onyx from Luxaflex i, our Albert Park reno, and they tick all the boxes when it comes to style and function. We love how the shades can block out the sun when down, but also recess into the bulkhead to allow the light to flood in.

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Mirrors do wonders to enhance the feeling of more space in a bedroom. © Lisa Cohen Photography

Mirrors are also a great way to create the illusion of space as they offer a unique design touch and provide an additional reflection of light. Mirrors can be extremely versatile as they can be hung or simply propped up against a wall.

In our third bedroom upstairs, we featured a stunning teak mirror from Curious Grace; it gave the illusion the room was larger than it was.

3. Consider clever storage solutions

Seamless storage is key – and lots of it! © Lisa Cohen Photography

If all else fails, clever storage is your best friend. Not all bedrooms will allow for a walk-in robe, so look at adding furniture pieces which feature additional hidden storage, such as a bedside table with drawers, an ottoman, a bed base that has drawers, or a storage bench at the foot of the bed.

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4. Style with the right accessories

A pop of greenery ties the bedroom together. © Lisa Cohen Photography

Finally, styling your bedroom with the right accessories should never be overlooked. Take the time to add special accessories and keepsakes that you may have collected over the years or carted home from an overseas holiday, as this will inject some personality into the space and make it unique.

Your bed will always be the focal point, and bed linen is a great way to add textures, layers, tones and colour. Selecting the right-sized artwork also helps to anchor the bedroom, and ultimately sets the overall style and feel of the room, but you don’t want it to be overwhelming or underwhelming – proportion is key! Adding greenery can also elevate the design of your space as it introduces a natural earthy element into your aesthetic.

This article was originally published as 4 ways to create the illusion of space in your bedroom by written by Alisa and Lysandra.

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