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10 washi tape wonders you’d love to decorate your home with


10 Washi Tape Wonders You’d Love to Decorate Your Home With

The washi tape craze was at its peak quite a while ago but we still can’t get enough of this whimsical piece of sticky tape. Here are some washi tape project you can undertake to help increase home improvement points. 

What’s washi tape?

It’s been said that washi tape originated from Japan but these days you can pretty much find it in most handicraft stores, both online and offline. They’re like paper masking tape but less sticky and gooey. We like the fact that it can be applied as well as taken off quite easily without much fuss or stain.

Where can I buy it?

Check your local handicraft stores, bookstores (stationery section) and DIY stores and you’ll find some great options. Browse shopping apps like Carousell, Shoppee, and more, and you’ll be presented with a dizzying array of washi tape selections.

Warning: it gets addictive.

You may start off with a single roll but with so many colours and designs and textures out there, you’d find it hard to exercise control and buy just one. I won’t be surprised that the single roll you bought would multiply into more in no time!

One storage option you may consider is to get a washi wheel (see picture below) but you may also store them in boxes and dispensers so that they stay clean and dust-free.

1. Trinkets and treasure box

Turn a boring trinket box into a personal treasure chest! A seemingly plain wooden trinket box like the one shown below can be transformed into a chic storage option so that you’ll never again lose your keys, chains and knick-knacks.

2. Kiddy wonderland

Forget the iPad. Throw together a quick car track on your floor using washi tape and recreate a truly fun and interactive play area!

3. 2D fireplace

No fire? No problem! If you want the charm of a fireplace without the possibility of being roasted alive in this tropical weather, some creatively-placed washi tape will work beautifully.

4. Washi your wishing chair

Jazz up your boring dining room chairs with washi tape.

5. Dress up your door

Dare to be different when you dress up your door with a myriad of colours and designs with a roll or two of washi tape.

6. Step up to new heights of design

Those stairs that you step on each day can be made more beautiful with your favourite washi tape. And when you get bored of it, nothing’s stopping you from redesigning your stairs all over again 😉

7. Holy moly headboards!

Don’t lose sleep over a conventional headboard. If most headboards out there are too mainstream for you, try one of these instant headboard ideas to spruce up your bedroom.

8. It’s lit!

Revamp an old lamp and instantly make it a lamp that even Martha Stewart would be envious of! Consider using different widths and colors of washi tape that would match your interior.

9. Blades of glory

Add a dash of colour to your fan blades and wow your guests like never before.

10. Wishy-washi appliances

White goods don’t necessarily need to be all white now! Decorate your refrigerator, washing machine, oven and other appliances with washi tape for cheap. #kitchenremodelkowtim

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