The power of expo and roadshows cannot be denied when it comes to generating quality leads. It provides a significant opportunity to enhance brand visibility, promote new and existing properties, and further strengthen relationships with property seekers. However, property seekers are spoilt for choice with so many exhibitors under the same roof. How does one exhibitor stand out from the rest and get noticed by the expo visitors?

Let’s explore some tips and tricks below:

Offer an exclusive expo-only deal (for a limited period of time)

An exclusive deal designed specifically for a particular expo could generate excitement, which may draw more visitors to check out your booth. A good deal with a short expiry date may just be the right formula to seal a deal! As an organizer, iProperty.com.my has prepared shout-out platforms to help our customers create more visibility on their exclusive deals such as email marketing, microsite, out-of-home advertising and many more.

Be a speaker as well as an exhibitor

Having a booth is great, but standing on a stage and speaking to a targeted group of visitors provide instant credibility. The stage becomes a platform to exclusively promote your development and its unique selling features. Contact your Account Manager to book a complimentary speaking slot* if you have a speaker that can deliver an informative and impactful presentation. (*First right of refusal for premium booth exhibitors and first-come-first-served for normal booth exhibitors.)

Invest in aesthetics

The sole purpose of participating in a roadshow is to attract more prospects to your booth. The competition is intense as all exhibitors are fighting for the visitors’ limited amounts of attention. A good location helps but location alone is not the only success factor. We have outlined some tips below on how to attract and keep the foot traffic at your booth.

  • Use design to your advantage

In a sea of booths, it is easy to have everything blend together visually. Make sure you have a booth that stands apart from the competition by using design as the key differentiator. A well-designed booth helps to make that strong first impression and communicates your key messages across in matter of seconds.

Modern Booth

  • Make the visitors feel at home

Due to space limitation, it is impossible to build an actual show gallery at the booth hence clever interior design tricks can be used. Finishing touches such as decorative wall panels, colored wood panels for the walls and floor, lightings, mini water features, and cute potted plants, just to name a few can help in transforming a plain booth into a warm and welcoming space. An effective booth should have attributes that reinforce your brand positioning, resonate with your audiences, and reflect your key messages.

Warm Booth

 Develop visitors’ engagement plan

It is imperative to have some tricks up your sleeve that can help your sales team to generate conversation opportunities, identify potential leads and capture contact information for lead nurturing process after the roadshow. Let’s explore some creative methods that could help to attract visitors to your booth.

  • Photo worthy moments

Creating visually appealing photo opportunity corner could encourage visitors to capture the moment with pictures, video or even potentially live streaming the moment. Just make sure your company logo and roadshow details are strategically positioned at the photo opportunity corner.

Social Media

  • Snacks station

Mini snacks bar and beverage-serving counter offer visitors an opportunity to rest and reinvigorate themselves. This may be the perfect opportunity to engage with them and present your sales idea!

  • Takeaway

As property is a huge investment decision, visitors may not make a purchase there and then so make sure your potential leads leave with something in-hand to remember you by, which may include free giveaways.

 Energetic & enthusiastic sales team

Your booth should be managed by a team of energetic and enthusiastic personnel. They are engaged by you to work the booth, so that should be their primary focus. Being engrossed with their smart phones or sitting down in chairs looking bored and tired will send negative signals to a passerby especially during non-peak hours.

Majority of the exhibitors are dressed in their corporate uniforms, but you could inject some fun or a theme that represents the development on sale into your dress code. For example, adding customized leaf motifs to a tie or scarf speak volume on your green and sustainable development. The well thought off dress code could spark a more engaging and meaningful conversation with the visitors and build top-of-mind impressions.

Dress code