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Kampung Datuk Keramat, also popularly known as just Keramat, is an urban residential and commercial hub in the Titiwangsa constituency of Kuala Lumpur. Sited on the northeast side of Kuala Lumpur city and bordering the district of Ampang, Keramat is a bustling township with a predominant Malay population due to its status as a Malay reserve area.

The name Keramat simply means ‘blessing’. Entrenched in early religious and cultural history, it takes after the name of the archaic faith that blends the pre-Islamic faith of folk religions.

The township first bloomed as a low-cost settlement to support the growing but limited living spaces of nearby Kampung Baru. What is now known as Keramat is home to low-cost single storey homes, public housing flats and new modern apartments bearing the mark of progress in the area.

An Urban Hub
Keramat is located amidst low-cost public housing and the affluent Embassy Row, as well as the upmarket Jalan Ampa...
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