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Jinjang is known primarily for two things, its history and its food. The word Jinjang is said to be derived from the name of a pig which was brought into Malaya by a Chinese merchant which was believed to have special powers and attracts prosperity.

Located about 15 minutes outside Kuala Lumpur city center, the town was established to enable the Briggs plan to take effect. The Briggs plan basically aimed to isolate the Malayan people from the communist insurgents by placing them in “New Villages” and by doing so cutting the supply of information and supplies that further empowered the communist activities. Doing so also reduced the communist influence on the people of Malaya.


Jinjang is located a stone’s throw away from Kepong hence the Metro Prima Kepong and its surrounding area is a viable place where residents could head to, to get their everyday needs such as groceries , do their banking and other needs as the area features ma...
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