Sg buloh, Valencia
  • 40
Dijual RM 4,100,000

Sg buloh, Valencia

Sg buloh, 47000, Selangor

  • Keluasan Binaan : 5,000 kps
  • Keluasan Tanah : 8,611
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    Sg buloh, Valencia

    Hi! My friend! 
    "Glad To Be Your Service" 
    "price negotiable" NO Worries !! BE HAPPY!!! 
    PINKY CHOONG 010-4352318 
    When i saw this bungalow,i thought this is just a ordinary bungalow... 
    but when i go in ,my feeling totally change!! 
    this is not a bungalow house only, 
    this is call "Home bungalow" full of "family" feel.... 
    Have you heard one sentences?? 
    Money can buy a house but Money cannot buy a home....right? 
    This house Full of "family" "feel " " warm feeling" and Love......because owner is a lovely couple!! 
    Man buy a house ,Woman make it as a Sweet Home!! 
    Good ventilation ,very windy at night!! 
    no need air con,save money!save electric and save earth!! 
    Full of natural light!! very Good "feng shui" 
    This "Home bungalow" selling at very reasonable price!!!!! 
    This land size is 8733sf,Land cost is RM450persf in Valencia,so for 8733sf *RM450/per sf =near to RM4mil!! 
    now selling RM4.8mil with House and partly furnished in extremely good condition!!!!Where to Find???? 
    moreover this is a FREEHOLD land,easy transfer,no need obtain any consent!!! 
    90% of the houses are leasehold in Valencia 
    ONLY 10% are freehold. very very rare to find it!!!!! 
    .Have Big garden!!at the back have one reserved landscaped. 
    .4 ROOMS come with bathrooms AND 
    .1 guest room or parent room 
    .2 Living rooms. 
    .2 Dining rooms. 
    .1 maid room with toilet 
    .1 wet kitchen 
    .1 dry kitchen(have a big space and big oven,u can bake cake with your children,a lot of fun!!) 
    ya!!ya!! have A Big car pouch!! 
    when your relative come,no parking problem! 
    This is "ready made house" you just bring your wife,children,and some clothing, than move in!! 
    the next day,start to enjoy "family day" 
    In fact, a lot of rich people like to build they own house, 
    but do you know...nowadays.. 
    build a house consume a lot of money!time!& 
    YOU may get stress as well! 
    Why don't u save your treasure time, buy a ready made house and spend more time with your family?? 
    Everyday is ""Happy family day!""YA!! 
    Maintenance fee only RM654.60 per month, 
    This lot land area is 8773sf,that mean cost RM0.074per sf ONLY!! 
    cheaper than even low cost flat!!how to find??? you tell me? 
    provided 24hour security Gated and guarded and enjoy all Club House's facility as well........... 
    The owner really LOVE this house !In fact they have no intention to sell but because " Owner relocating " 
    View to believe!!!!! 
    call me PINKY CHOONG 010-435 2318 for viewing.... Thank you!! 
    "price negotiable" NO Worries !! BE HAPPY!!! 
    "Glad To Be Your Service" 
    LIFE is good !!! 
    LOVE it !!!& 
    LIVE it !!! 
    Note:Every Sunday Morning, from 9.00am to 12.30pm, I am not available to receive any call because I 'm attending church services,pls sms to me,i will call you back asap.Sorry for any inconvenient caused.My Good Customer!! Have a Wonderful day!! 
    God Bless YOU! 
    -Gated and guarded neighborhood• 
    -Single entry and exit point 
    -Perimeter fencing 
    -24-hour patrolling of uniformed security guards 
    -Use of access cards at entry and exit points 
    -Landscaped linear gardens, pocket park and walkways 
    -Children’s play area with play equipment 
    -Pavilions with seating facilities

    Butiran Hartanah

    Jenis Hartanah:
    Jenis Tanah:
    Jenis Pegangan Hartanah:
    Keluasan Binaan:
    5,000 kps
    Keluasan Tanah:
    8,611 kps
    Partly Furnished
    Menghadap ke Arah:
    Jenis Unit:
    No. Rujukan:
    Tarikh Dipaparkan:
    25 Ogs 2020


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