Presint 11, Putrajaya
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Dijual RM 1,713,150

Presint 11, Putrajaya

Presint 11, Putrajaya

  • Keluasan Binaan : -
  • Keluasan Tanah : 18,073
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    Presint 11, Putrajaya

    Auction date : Pending-3-2021
    (Please call me for full address before deciding to bid for this property. Do a simple survey to check the physical condition/facing direction/vacant or occupied)
    For auction property, interior viewing arrangement is not available. We don’t have the key. We don’t know the interior of the property either renovated or otherwise. Bidders recommend viewing exterior only.
    Prior to the auction sale, all intending bidders are advised to:- 
    (i)  inspect the subject property
    (ii) conduct an official title search
    (iii) enquire from the Developer/Proprietor and/or other relevant authorities
    (2) This material is based upon information which we consider reliable. As it has been supplied by third parties we cannot represent that it is accurate or complete. As such it is subject to errors or omissions.
    (3) This auction is conducted by raising hand/online and the last highest bidder will win the bid.
    (4) Follow the address given to view the exterior and provide name, IC and address for registration.
    (5) Need 10% bank draft to bid for the property. 
    For bidder/Investor interested for this auction, please call us for details/registration before 14.3.2021
    Consultation please Call Francis 019-3385889 ,10am-10pm

    Butiran Hartanah

    Jenis Hartanah:
    Residential Land
    Jenis Tanah:
    Jenis Pegangan Hartanah:
    Keluasan Tanah:
    18,073 kps
    Harga Tanah:
    RM 94.79 setiap kps
    No. Rujukan:
    Tarikh Dilelong:
    15 Mac 2021
    Tarikh Dipaparkan:
    27 Okt 2020

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