17.5ac Karak (32rd Telemong) Younger MK durian Land (Facing Main Road) For Sales , Karak
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Dijual RM 7,883,100

17.5ac Karak (32rd Telemong) Younger MK durian Land (Facing Main Road) For Sales , Karak


  • Keluasan Binaan : -
  • Keluasan Tanah : 17.5
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    17.5ac Karak (32rd Telemong) Younger MK durian Land (Facing Main Road) For Sales , Karak

    17.5 acres Karak (32rd Telemong)  MK durian Land (Facing Main Road) For Sale
    Titles : 17.518 acres (2 titles) 
    Freehold & Agricultural titles 
    32rd road Telemong, Karak areas  
    Facing main road
    Total Estimated: 670 x matured & younger durian trees (3-40 years)  
    Approximately 580 x younger MK durian trees (3 years) and 15 x black torn (3 years) , 5 x Tupai king durian trees (1 year) 
    Approximately 70 x matured & others branded durian trees (Including approx: 35 x deka, d24, red prawn and approx: 35 x kg durian) (30-40 years)
    Planting estimated 38 durian trees per acre 
    Total Estimated: 16 x fruit trees 
    Approximately 14 x local mangosteen fruits trees (20 years) and 2 x rambutan fruit trees
    Easy access by ordinary car & 4wd cars
    Landscape: 25 % Hilly, Undulating 
    Estimated 25 km (18 min) from Karak Main Town
    Estimated 86 km (1 hour 15 min) from Plaza Tol Gombak, KL  
    Beautiful streams, clear water from mountain
    2 x ponds 
    Water piping & water tanks installed 
    TNB installed 
    1 x Double stored bird house (25' x 80') in the top hill  
    Nice viewing in the top hill 
    Purposed do a durian orchard resort
    RM 450,000 per acre x 17.518 acres 
    Total purchase price : RM 7,883,100.00
    No Co-Broke ! Appreciated !
    Welcome serious buyer ! PM me !
    PM 011-651 44931 ( Irene )
    PM 011-630 44931 (Chin Yee)
    Welcome owner listing, if you have property to sell or rent.
    Disclaimer: The information of the property contained herein is strictly for reference only and provided by sellers. The agent shall not be held liable for any inaccurate information posted here

    Butiran Hartanah

    Jenis Hartanah:
    Agricultural Land
    Jenis Tanah:
    Jenis Pegangan Hartanah:
    Keluasan Tanah:
    17.5 ekar
    Harga Tanah:
    RM 450462.86 setiap ekar
    No. Rujukan:
    Tarikh Dipaparkan:
    17 Ogos 2022

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