NOVUM, Kampung Kerinchi, Kampung Kerinchi (Bangsar South)
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Disewa RM 4,300

Jalan Kerinchi, Kampung Kerinchi, 59200, Kuala Lumpur

  • Keluasan Binaan : 1,441 kps
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    NOVUM, Kampung Kerinchi, Kampung Kerinchi (Bangsar South)

    Novum Bangsar, KL Gateway & South View Specialist
    Located in the nouveau Bangsar South, Novum is the latest aesthetically pleasing addition to Eupe Corporation Berhad’s property developments. With over 30 years of experience, Eupe is one of Malaysia’s respected developers and was once recognized as the top 10 Property Developers in Malaysia for the year 2013. A heavyweight in property development up north in Penang & Kedah, this will be the first project Eupe is developing in KL. Novum, a Latin word meaning ‘new innovation’ is a freehold serviced residence of luxurious suites for urbanites.
    With all the new age residences clambering to top one another in terms of facilities, it has become essential for developers to come up with unique ideas to attract urbanites to purchase their properties. In similar spirit, Novum has come up with several innovative ideas that will appeal to home owners. In this age where reality TV is all the rage, Novum brings you one step closer to starring in your own reality cooking show by incorporating a Celebrity Kitchen in the residential premises. Not only will residents be able to experiment with recipes using sophisticated cooking equipment, they will also be able to dine in to a top restaurant quality dish prepared by the in house appointed chef. Recognizing the potential in Bangsar South as a growing metropolitan, the developers, with surprising foresight, have included a business center in the residential building. Working expatriates and local corporate heads can utilize to the maximum the video and phone conferencing facilities, conference rooms as well as meeting rooms. In keeping with its string of innovative concepts, Eupe has also devised an application called the New Digital Life (NDL) app that will allow Novum residents to pay utility bills, order groceries
    Once a slum village called Kampung Kerinchi, developers rebuilt Bangsar South to the upscale neighborhood that it now has become. Located within minutes of driving distance to Mid Valley Mega

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    Jenis Hartanah:
    Serviced Residence
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    Keluasan Binaan:
    1,441 kps
    Harga Binaan:
    RM 2.98 setiap kps
    Fully furnished
    Menghadap ke Arah:
    Jenis Unit:
    No. Rujukan:
    Tarikh Dipaparkan:
    20 Okt 2020


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