Arcadia, Desa ParkCity, Arcadia, Desa ParkCity
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Arcadia, Desa ParkCity, Arcadia, Desa ParkCity

Arcadia, 52200, Kuala Lumpur

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    Arcadia, Desa ParkCity, Arcadia, Desa ParkCity

    Soho for Rent
    Plaza Arcadia, Soho unit 
    11.3-acre Island Site 
    4-storey Buildings (Shops, Offices & SOHOs) 
    13 Sets of Escalators 
    16 Lifts 
    2 Basements- 1,920 Car Parking Bays 
    We envision Plaza Arcadia as a pulsating, stylish lifestyle venue right in the heart of ParkCity TownCenter. It is designed to be a top address for shopping, dining, entertainment and living. 
    Plaza Arcadia will delight and surprise visitors with its open-air, walkable, safe and vibrant environment. Here, imagination spurs innovation to create arcade-fronted high street shops and elevated courtyard shops connected to energized public places and spaces. Offices and SOHOs are added to generate constant vibrancy. 
    Served by Lifts with Proximity Card Access System • Overlook Open-air Courtyards or The HighStreet • Equipped with Fibre-to-the-Home • Air-conditioned • Garbage Disposal via AWCS • Equipped with Kitchen Cabinets, Hood & Hob, Combo Washer Dryer, Refrigerator and Water Heating System • Mostly From 700 sf 
    Offering security, economical layouts and flexible spaces, these SOHOs are perfect 
    Simply, Plaza Arcadia is the perfect place for getting your business ahead. 
    Please don't hesitate to contact Shermaine Yong, 01660... for viewing. 
    Owners are welcome to list********

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    743 kps
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    RM 3.77 setiap kps
    Partly furnished
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    05 Feb 2024


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