Taman Pantai, Bangsar
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Dijual RM 6,900,000

Taman Pantai, Bangsar

Jalan Taman Pantai, Taman Pantai, 59100, Kuala Lumpur

  • Keluasan Binaan : 23,500 kps
  • Keluasan Tanah : 10,200
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    Taman Pantai, Bangsar

    Taman Pantai Bangsar Bungalow - 2 bungalows in one building.
    The full structure is already up. What is left to do is the finishing of the building.
    The option buyers have are;
    a) Purchaser purchase the Property as is and have their own contractor complete the building
    - Priced at RM6.9mil
    b) The owner completes the house and delivers with all the finishing. The house with almost 23,500 sf build up, 2 complete residences, freehold and gated property with >20 carparks in a prominent area is valued minimum RM15mill once fully completed.   
    - Selling with 30% discount at RM10mil which makes it the absolute cheapest newly built house in the area per square foot build-up.  
    The payment terms will be: 
    •15% upon signing the agreement 
    •15% upon obtaining the CCC (at this point buyer may apply for bank loan)
    •70% upon delivering the key and vacant possession 
    A reputable law firm is already contacted. They will draft the agreement to assure on-time delivery and minimum risks to the buyer.   Delivery with  CCC within 12 months after signing the agreement and the vacant possession in less than 3 months after the CCC. 
    Details of material to be used e.g. tiles, cabinets, sanitary etc. will be provided by seller and attached to the agreement. The buyer has also the opportunity to omit, change or add on in order to receive the house according to his/her own taste. 
    Selling points are: 
    •There is a possibility to change the bungalow title to 2 strata titles for townhouses. Then the houses can be sold separately with total selling price higher than RM15mill 
    •As the houses can be totally separated, one house can be rented out to e.g. embassies
    Contact Paul REN09532 at 016-5210896

    Butiran Hartanah

    Jenis Hartanah:
    Jenis Tanah:
    Jenis Pegangan Hartanah:
    Keluasan Binaan:
    23,500 kps
    Harga Binaan:
    RM 293.62 setiap kps
    Keluasan Tanah:
    10,200 kps
    Harga Tanah:
    RM 676.47 setiap kps
    Jenis Unit:
    No. Rujukan:
    Tarikh Dipaparkan:
    07 Okt 2020


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