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Sunsuria Sdn Bhd

86A, Jalan Renang 13/26, 40100, Selangor

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Sunsuria Berhad is a multifaceted and well-established property developer with over 25 years of proven track records in delivering innovative, high value and quality developments. Listed since 7 March 1984 known as Malaysia Aica Berhad, the Company changed its name to Sunsuria Berhad on 14 May 2014.

The property development adventure of Sunsuria is unveiling itself as an interesting Malaysian masterpiece. Started in 1989, and having delivered more than 2,500 properties of varied segments from light industrial factories, commercial units and residences with Gross Development Value over RM1.7billion within the past 5 years, the development business is today the key growth driver of the Company. The property development experience covers a wide spectrum, from projects like Sunsuria Avenue Kota Damansara, the mixed-use sports complex Sunsuria Ampang, the semi-detached offices of Sunsuria Seventh Avenue in Setia Alam, to signature pieces like the upcoming prime gated and guarded exclusive bungalow residences of Suria Hills, 545 units serviced apartment in Jelutong known as Suria Residence, the soon-to-be completed mixed development in Jelutong known as TRIVO and Suria Jelutong. The journey to a brighter future will see the Company’s recent proposed expansion plan to participate in the catalytic development of a 306-acre township enveloping the Xiamen University Malaysia Campus in Salak Tinggi, a piece of the action called Sunsuria Medini with 82 acres mixed development in Iskandar Medini Johor Bahru and 13.6 acres of versatile commercial development in Setia Alam known as Seventh Avenue II.

Flashback to late 2013, the Company undertook a diversification exercise with the acquisition of TRIVO, a commercial project and Suria Residence, which was then a parcel of development land. In conjunction with the diversification, the Board of Directors have identified Datuk Ter Leong Yap, the founding owner of “SUNSURIA” brand, as the new strategic partner and shareholder of the Company to spearhead the property development business in Sunsuria Berhad. On 20 January 2014, the shareholders of the Company approved the diversification of the Company’s business to property development.

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