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Raeon International Limited
Raeon International Limited

Raeon International Limited

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Mengenai Raeon International Limited

Raeon International Limited is a fresh innovative company which specialises in residential & commercial project sales and marketing for international developments. Our marketing strategies have proven to be extremely successful in Asia, particularly Hong Kong, Macau, China, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Being involved in only quality developments we have sold thousands of properties both off the plan and completed. We have an intimate understanding of market trends and utilize this knowledge to create superior products and strategies to meet market demands. We offer a full service in development project marketing utilizing our expertise in managing property sales and undertaking innovative sales and marketing strategies to achieve stellar sales results.

We aim at delivering a unique experience with a trusted and transparent approach. At Raeon, we see projects through from start to finish, providing expert management every step of the way. We have a full comprehensive service - from the pre-release sales and marketing strategy, to the project release, the pre-settlement strategy up until the very last property is sold and settled.

Raeon has a hands-on approach for both the developer and the purchaser. For Developers - the developer has the comfort of dealing with a proven and respected agency. For Purchasers - the purchaser has the trust in dealing with trained and qualified consultants providing accurate details in respect of their purchase.

When Raeon take on a project we also ensure our investors are provided with the best service and advice we can. We communicate with purchasers on a developments progress, and guide purchasers through the settlement process as well as assisting with property management and finance solutions.

Our parent company Far East Consortium International Limited has been publicly listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1972.

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Raeon International Limited
Raeon International Limited