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Kelantan boasts a combination of traditional and modern day attractions to foreigners traveling around Malaysia, locals who want to experience the east coast and residents wanting a quiet, peaceful place to stay. What makes it unforgettable and unique too is the state’s adoption of traditional Malay customs and practices into its culture while at the same time accommodating the needs of visitors. In a few words, Kelantan is known for its culture, cuisine and crafts. Facing the South China Sea and occupying an area of 14,922 km², Kelantan is also well known for its lush forests and beautiful sea sides. Its state capital is Kota Bharu and its population, as estimated by the Kelantan Tourism Information Centre 2009, is 1, 373, 173. It is broken down into 95% Malays, 1.5% Chinese, 1% Indians, 0.5% Others and 2% Other Bumiputeras.

Known as one of the hidden ‘gems’ of the east in terms of culture, Kelantan is divided into districts namely, Bachok, Jeli, Tumpat, Kuala Krai, Kota Bharu, Gua Musang, Machang, Tanah Merah, Pasir Puteh and Pasir Mas. One may be curious to know the history of Kelantan and its former colonialists. Well, the first records indicate the rule of the Funan Kingdom. Then, the state was overtaken by the Melaka, Johor and Terengganu sultanate and was followed by the rule of the Siamese. It finally came under the ruling of the British.

Transportation and Accessibility

In terms of accessibility, Kelantan is easy to get to whether it is by air, car or rail. With the buildi...
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