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Location Property Type Distance Price
Jelutong, Jelutong, Penang3-sty Terrace/Link House0.13 kmRM 1,400,000
Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.16 kmRM 1,300,000
Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.16 kmRM 1,280,000
Jelutong, Georgetown, Penang3-sty Terrace/Link House0.23 kmRM 1,780,000
Georgetown, Georgetown, PenangApartment0.23 kmRM 340,000
Jelutong, Georgetown, Penang3-sty Terrace/Link House0.23 kmRM 1,880,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, Penang1-sty Terrace/Link House0.25 kmRM 800,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.25 kmRM 487,460
Jelutong, Penang3-sty Terrace/Link House0.26 kmRM 3,600,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangBusiness Centre0.26 kmRM 10,500,000
Lebuhraya Thean Teik, Ayer Itam, PenangCondominium0.27 kmRM 595,000
Jelutong, PenangCommercial Semi-D0.3 kmRM 18,000,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangShop-Office0.3 kmRM 2,200,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.31 kmRM 390,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.31 kmRM 400,000
Juru Height, Juru, PenangBungalow House0.33 kmRM 718,000
Juru, PenangShop-Office0.33 kmRM 3,200,000
Juru, PenangShop0.33 kmRM 3,400,000
Taman cendana indah, Juru, PenangSemi-detached House0.33 kmRM 880,000
Taman Cendana Indah, Juru, PenangBungalow House0.33 kmRM 900,000
Juru, Penang1-sty Terrace/Link House0.34 kmRM 240,000
Juru, PenangShop-Office0.34 kmRM 3,100,000
Taman Sentul, Juru, Penang1-sty Terrace/Link House0.34 kmRM 238,000
Juru Height, Juru, Penang2.5-sty Terrace/Link House0.34 kmRM 500,000
Juru, PenangShop-Office0.34 kmRM 3,100,000
taman cendana, Juru, PenangSemi-detached House0.34 kmRM 650,000
Juru, PenangShop-Office0.34 kmRM 3,500,000
Juru, PenangShop-Office0.34 kmRM 3,480,000
Juru, PenangLight Industrial0.34 kmRM 3,500,000
Juru, PenangAgricultural Land0.34 kmRM 4,900,500
Taman Cendana, Juru, PenangSemi-detached House0.34 kmRM 670,000
Juru, PenangSemi- D factory0.34 kmRM 1,350,000
Juru, PenangFactory0.34 kmRM 6,000,000
Taman Bukit Juru, Juru, PenangBungalow House0.34 kmRM 718,000
Taman Bukit Juru, Juru, PenangBungalow House0.34 kmRM 718,000
Juru, PenangSemi-detached House0.34 kmRM 1,080,000
Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.34 kmRM 630,000
Georgetown, 2sty Shop House, Georgetown, PenangShop-Office0.37 kmRM 2,200,000
Jelutong, PenangResidential Land0.39 kmRM 2,400,000
jelutong, Jelutong, PenangLight Industrial0.4 kmRM 2,000,000
Jelutong, PenangShop0.4 kmRM 1,850,000
Jelutong, PenangBungalow House0.42 kmRM 1,700,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.42 kmRM 400,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.42 kmRM 498,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.42 kmRM 465,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.42 kmRM 468,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.42 kmRM 390,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.42 kmRM 390,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.42 kmRM 468,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.42 kmRM 460,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.42 kmRM 388,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.42 kmRM 500,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.42 kmRM 380,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.42 kmRM 450,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.42 kmRM 393,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.42 kmRM 350,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.43 kmRM 350,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.43 kmRM 355,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.43 kmRM 390,000
Greenlane, PenangCondominium0.43 kmRM 1,400,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.44 kmRM 520,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.44 kmRM 520,000
Jelutong, Penang1-sty Terrace/Link House0.44 kmRM 809,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, Penang3-sty Terrace/Link House0.44 kmRM 1,600,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.45 kmRM 280,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.45 kmRM 290,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangFlat0.45 kmRM 250,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.45 kmRM 220,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.45 kmRM 680
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangFlat0.45 kmRM 220,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangFlat0.45 kmRM 228,000
Jelutong, PenangApartment0.45 kmRM 220,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.45 kmRM 230,000
Development Land in JLN PENAGA,Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangResidential Land0.46 kmRM 1,900,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.49 kmRM 350,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangFlat0.49 kmRM 188,000
Jelutong, PenangApartment0.49 kmRM 255,000
Jelutong, PenangApartment0.49 kmRM 240,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, Penang2-sty Terrace/Link House0.49 kmRM 1,200,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangSemi-detached House0.5 kmRM 1,800,000
Georgetown, Jelutong, PenangSemi-detached House0.5 kmRM 1,900,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.5 kmRM 230,000
Georgetown, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.5 kmRM 180,000
Georgetown, Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.5 kmRM 455,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.5 kmRM 330,000
Jelutong, Penang3-sty Terrace/Link House0.5 kmRM 1,500,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.5 kmRM 270,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.5 kmRM 249,999
Georgetown, Jelutong, PenangFlat0.51 kmRM 210,000
Jelutong, PenangApartment0.51 kmRM 365,000
Georgetown, Georgetown, PenangShop0.52 kmRM 4,500,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.52 kmRM 468,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangShop0.53 kmRM 4,480,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.53 kmRM 460,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.53 kmRM 500,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.53 kmRM 538,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.53 kmRM 480,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangApartment0.53 kmRM 454,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangCondominium0.53 kmRM 535,000
Jelutong, Jelutong, PenangFlat0.53 kmRM 530,000
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